Beltane/Deipnon/Noumenia Glamping


A few things which I place of very high importance within my spiritual practice is to spend time in nature and to spend time with magickal friends who lift my heart.  This past weekend I indulged in both during our Beltane/Deipnon/Noumenia Glamping trip.


We spent time down the Great Ocean Road in Victoria where the landscape was breathtakingly beautiful and included some amazing off the beaten track beaches and natural wonders.   We also got to stop through some of the small towns and support local businesses whilst also spending some quality time with one another.


One of the highlights of the trip was when we gathered at a visually stunning and secluded cove to indulge in some much needed celebrational frivolity and fun. I also engaged in some Hekate magick on the beach and within a cave which cut into one of the cliff faces.  The place resonated with a powerfully liminal, mystical and magickal vibe which was not only cleansing and purifying but energising and healing.  The space was a place where I was gifted with nature’s present of a purple shell and some ringed driftwood perfect for some other enchanting work for Hekate.



Overall one of the enjoyable times I have had of late which was filled with laughter, love and soul feeding  with my magickal friends.


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