FOI Report: Lyceum of Heka – Dulce Domum Ritual in memory of Olivia Robertson

The Lyceum of Heka within the Fellowship of Isis, ran and facilitated by myself (Priestess Hierophant, Setjataset aka T. Georgitsis) hosted the Dulce Domum Ritual in memory of Olivia Robertson on Sunday, December the 1st at 3.30pm in Sandringham (SE Melbourne, Australia).

It was a warm day filled with dazzling sunshine as we met on the liminal beach cliff beneath the bandstand rotunda. We gathered in seclusion underneath the shade of a giant pine tree and set up the shrine upon the pine needled covered earth to enact the Dulce Domum ritual.


Upon the shrine I placed an image of Isis.  This was used to represent this wonderful Goddess who is the namesake of the Fellowship I have come to love due to Olivia Robertson being one of the founding members all those years ago. Around the image of Isis I had placed a heka infused ankh necklace I had made from carnelian and bronze.  The ankh is the symbol of ever lasting life and carnelian is identified as the setting sun and with the blood of Isis. Before the image of Isis, a candle was placed atop a holder in the shape of the Egyptian heart – Ib which houses thoughts, feelings and desires. Flanked on either side of the image of Isis, candles were placed in candle holders with engraved pictures of the dragonfly which is a totem symbolising transformation and adaptability.  Also upon the shrine was a handmade iron ankh which had been given to me as a gift previously by one of the attendees (Owen), which highlighted the symbology of the power of the ankh as the key of life. Other items used within the ritual such as my Bast handled sistra, glass chalice containing water, incense holder and several resin blends I had specially made for the ritual were also put upon the shrine.  The shrine was completed with an image of Olivia brought by one attendee who had taken the image during a trip to Olivia’s castle (Roxanne) as well as some lovely orchids left as an offering by another attendee (Cosette).


All gathered had a role to play during the ritual – as priestess hierophant I enacted the role of Isis and Hermies, Osiris by P’Wolverine, Anubis by Owen, Persephone by Cosette and Mayet by Roxanne.

The background noise around us reduced to a hum as the invocation and oracle was enacted and the ritual was worked through by shedding the shadow, the fair haven, the spirit awakens, spirit communion and the committal aspects of said rite whilst making various offerings of incense, candles being lit and sistrum shaking with accompanies prayers by all attendees gathered.

After the rite was completed and we wished Olivia’s spirit a safe journey to the Summerland, a few of us shared some personal stories we had before retiring to the pub for some more libations and agape in Olivia’s name.

December 2013, Setjataset (T. Georgitsis)


Isis – Mistress of Magic (Part 2 of 2)


Working with Isis

 As a magician I have found honouring Isis through Heka (magic in the Ancient Egyptian tradition of Kemetism) has benefited my life immensely.  Having being called into service by Isis as my first and foremost Patron I have come to learn her multifaceted approach to working with Heka can be used in this modern day from things relating to prosperity, health, protection, success and love.

In part 1 of this blog post, I have just touched upon the magnificence that is Isis, Mistress of Magic and I encourage you to further get to know her more intimately through her myths as well as honouring her in ritual and the practice of magic in her name.

Simple Invocation and Ritual to Isis Mistress of Magic

Start this rite just before sunset.

Altar faces east and has some unlit incense, a blue candle, anointing oil, a bowl of rose water, Isis statue and an offering (simple items such as bread, water, wine can be used) for Isis placed upon it.

Begin by standing with both arms relaxed by your side before your altar.

Light some incense and then draw the Invoking Ankh followed by the Invoking Eye of Horus before you, behind you, to your left, right, above, below and within you.

Light the blue candle.

Take the rose water and sprinkle it over the Isis statue.  Now take the anointing oil and anoint the statue of Isis on the third eye area of her forehead.

Lift both hands and arms from your elbows up before you, with palms facing upwards and say:

Dua-ur-ntr Anedj-Rak Ne-fer A-set.

(Adorations and greetings to you beautiful Isis.)

Repeat the following Hymn to Isis:

“Ra is in celebration!

The heart exults in joy

For your heart is soft and sweet O Goddess!

Isis Queen of the World and Her son Horus

He is King upon the Throne of His Father

Governing both poles

The Seat of Geb is in Her possession

The function of Atum is in Her hand

The strength of Mentu is in Her grasp

The divinity who produces the beginning

And fills the Sky and Earth with Her perfection

This Crown who bright in Gold appears

Auguste is Her sign

Lives in the House Divine

Sovereign of the Gods of the Sky

Queen of the Gods of Earth

Falcon also of Gods of the Tuat

The Mistress of Bright Glory

On the Throne is Her command

It is the one Her heart desires

Who is chosen to ascend the Throne

Without violence they ascend the Palace

One call, one desire to see

The Honour of the Country and everything whole

It is by Her order that the Temple is blessed

With the return of Her brother!

Her name is pronounced and the world is loyal to Her”(1)

Cross hands over chest in Osiris Position and meditate, pray or send Isis a petition of askance.

After this is completed place the offering to Isis before her statue and say:

“Ho-tep A-set” (Peace and Offerings A-set).

Farewell Isis by repeating the following:

 “O Holy Blessed Lady

Constant comfort to humankind

Whose beneficence and kindness nourish us all

And whose care for those in trouble is as

A loving Mother who cares for all Her Children

You are there when we call

Stretching our your hand to put aside

That which is harmful to us

Untangling the web of fate in which we may be caught

Even stopping the stars if they form a harmful pattern

All other deities

Whether bountiful or merciless

Do reverence to Thee

For it is Isis who rules the world

Stamping out the powers of evil

Arranging the stars to give us answers

Causing the seasons to come and go

Commanding the winds to move ships

Giving the clouds to water the growing seeds

So that we may have food

If I have one thousand mouths

And one thousand tongues in each

Still I could not do justice to Thy Majesty

Yet I will forever remember your help in my time of need

And keep your blessed image deep within my heart.”(2)

 Let blue candle burn all the way down (Note: Never leave a lit candle unattended.).

Leave offering on altar for at least 24 hours and use appropriately.



(1) Traditional Hymn to Isis taken from a wall at her Temple in Philae.

(2) Prayer from Om Sety at the Abydos Temple.

(c) T. Georgitsis 2012 (First appeared ion Axis Mundi, Issue 53, July 2012)


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Isis – Mistress of Magic (Part 1 of 2)


Who is Isis?

Isis is one of the most well known and powerful gods in the Ancient Egyptian pantheon.  Daughter of Geb and Nut, sister and wife of Osiris and mother to Horus – she was one of the great nine of the ennead, who were the most powerful gods in the Egyptian pantheon.  Isis – Mistress of the Word of God, House of Life, Heaven, Shelter and of the Two Lands of Egypt and never was a more wiser, compassionate and mighty magician than all the other gods of Egypt.  Isis’s power was so great she was even adopted by the Romans and Greeks who saw her one of the most formidable gods due to her skills in magic and therefore was honoured and venerated throughout their respective empires by having multitudes of temples erected in her name.

How Isis became The Mistress of Magic

Isis gained the mantle of mistress of magic by tricking Ra into revealing his secret name to her, which had the power to create.  Isis being ever cunning wanted to be as powerful as the great Ra.  Isis took some of Ra’s spittle along with some gathered earth and formed a shape of a snake, which had never existed before. Isis placed the snake she had created on a crossroads, which was on the path before Ra as he walked one day. As Ra walked on, the snake stuck him and he cried out in terrible pain as the snake had released its venom into his blood stream, which felt like burning fire.  Unable to cure himself of the toxic bite, Ra summoned Isis who knew the words of power, which contained the magic to heal him.  Isis used the words she knew to no avail and sensing this was her time for action, requested Ra share his secret name with her as this was the only way she could heal him.  Ra refused and grew ever weaker as the venom pulsed through him, which was tapering his life-force.  Isis once more implored Ra to share his secret name with him as that was the only way she was going to be able to save him.  Feeling he had no other choice, Ra reluctantly beckoned Isis close and whispered his secret name to her which in turn let Isis share in Ra’s great power.   With that Isis uttered Ra’s secret name with the words of healing and the venomous poison was dispelled from Ra’s body allowing him to be restored.  From that day forward Isis was known as Mistress of Magic as well as Lady of Magic, Great of Magic, Speaker of Spells, Enchantress and Sorceress .

Magical Acts performed by Isis

 Isis and her husband Osiris were the ruling Queen and King of Egypt respectfully.  Their brother Set being envious of Osiris’s throne murdered him.  Set tricked Osiris into getting into a box made especially to fit him and had it thrown into the Nile where it was carried out to sea, which later washed up within the branches of a tamarisk tree in Phoenicia. Isis being inconsolable of her grief for Osiris, cut off all her hair in ritual gesture and set out to find her beloved to be able to give him a proper burial. Isis wanting to claim Osiris body found out that it lay within a tamarisk tree in Queen Astarte’s court and therefore gained employment as the nursemaid for Astarte’s son.  Isis became rather fond of the little prince and decided to give him immortality so he’d never know the cruelty of death her husband had suffered.  The ritual Isis was using to bestow the little prince with immortality involved holding the prince over the flames of a fire, but just at that moment Queen Astarte came upon the scene.  Queen Astarte fearing the worst grabbed her son from out of the flames thus unravelling the spell which would of made her son immortal.  Isis explained to Astarte what she was doing and revealed her story of the search of her husband, Osiris and Astarte realigns her error showed great compassion towards Isis and led her to her where Osiris lay within the tamarisk tree.

Isis took Osiris back to Egypt and hid his body in the delta swamps where Set came across him whilst out hunting and in a rage hacked Osiris body to pieces and threw it into the Nile.  Isis hearing of what had happened to the body of her husband set out at once and scoured the land for all the pieces of his body, joining them together with magic when she found them, with the exception of his phallus which was consumed by a fish.  Therefore using more magic Isis formed a new phallus from wax and gold and creating a ritual of regeneration with use of the great wings she manifested, breathed life back into her husband temporarily which enabled them to conceive their son Horus.  Osiris having left an heir to his thrown was then content to descend into the underworld to become its king.

Magical Symbols of Isis



The throne which is also the image placed upon her crown is a used as a representation of the King’s power who is her child.  Isis personifies the royal throne and its symbol means place or seat of judgement for the ruler of the land.

Black Isis Band

Also known as the Veil of Isis, which can change fate and destiny.   It can be used to attain visions when used as a blindfold within ritualistic context as well as it being employed as covering for the sacred images of Isis statues upon her shrines.


Knot of Isis

Also known as the Buckle of Isis, represents the knot of the girdle which the gods are seen to wear. It resembles the ankh with the exception that its arms point downwards and symbolises binding and releasing, opposing forces joining in balance and protection.  Its made of a red semiprecious stone like carnelian or garnet and why its sometimes referred to as the Blood of Isis.


The Star of Sopdet

Also known as Sirius this symbol represents rebirth, reincarnation and protection and the appearance of this star signalled the birth of the new year and the inundation of the Nile which brought fertility and life to Egypt through the assistance of Isis.

To be continued…..

(c) T. Georgitsis 2012 (First appeared ion Axis Mundi, Issue 53, July 2012)


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Crystals: What Are They And Why Use Them?


One of the first things I placed on my altar when I started officially practicing Wicca was a single terminated quartz crystal.  I came across it in my local occult shop when I was picking up candle and herb supplies as I was instantly drawn to it even though at the time knew nothing about crystals. I found it uniquely beautiful, it seemed to glow and something told me that it needed to be part of my wiccan workings. After years of practicing Wicca I still have this crystal and even with a vast collection of other crystals it has remained my favourite and it is well loved and used.

Crystals are minerals which come from the earth.  The scientific definition of a crystal is a solid substance with a geometric regular shape. The word crystal comes from the Ancient Greek word κρύσταλλος (Crystalos) meaning “ice” which derives from the word κρύος (Creos) which means “icy cold”. This is because the Ancient Greeks thought that crystals were eternally frozen water from the Gods.

The colours of crystals can range from a clear transparent all the way to the purest black.  They come in all different shapes and sizes which can be raw, cut or polished and in recent decades have been manipulated using heat and chemicals.

A large range of crystals have been used for thousands of years by various cultures including those of Ancient Egypt, China, India and America all of which considered them sacred and have ascribed them with sacred meanings and uses.

Crystals can be used to scry, meditate, dowse, heal, balance, energise, cleanse, attract abundance, love or psychic abilities, protect, absorb negative energy, prevent electromagnetic emanations or geopathic stress, encourage interaction by fairies, angles or gods, enhance your intuition or mental abilities and boost confidence.  They can also be used simply for decorative or personal ornamentation.

They can be dedicated to a specific task, energy or deity and can also be used in conjunction with reiki, massage, feng shui, reflexology, magick and ritual. Crystals can work holistically on all levels and can tap into the energies of the body, mind, spirit and emotions.  Another benefit of crystals is that they can not only be used with people, but also with animals, plants, combining different types of crystals or inanimate objects such as a vehicle, home or business.

Crystals can absorb as well as transfer energy and once you get to know a crystal you can work with it. This is through attuning to its energies that then allows the crystal to speak to you and consequently assist you.

Some simple ways to use crystals can be as follows:

  1. Wear the crystal, in the various forms of jewelry;
  2. Carry the crystal in a pouch;
  3. Place the crystal over a specific area of the body such as chakra or body part;
  4. Place crystal under pillow or bed;
  5. Position crystal in a room, car or in the garden; and/or
  6. Place on elemental tools such as an athame, wand, pentacle or chalice to bring in qualities desired.

Many common crystals which were used in ancient times as well as in modern times are Agate, Amazonite, Amethyst, Aquamarine, Aventurine, Bloodstone, Flourite, Calcite, Carnelian, Citrine, Garnet, Hematite, Jade, Jasper, Moonstone, Malachite, Obsidian, Peridot, Rose Quartz, Clear Quartz, Smokey Quartz, Tiger’s Eye, Topaz, Tourmaline and Turquoise.

Since the dawning of Aquarius many new crystals have been identified and these include larimar, petalite, atltantisite, phenacite and it is believed that these crystals have manifested as a way to assist us in the modern day.


Image (C) T. Georgitsis 2011

Some simple ways to find which crystals are right for you are as follows:

  1. Trust that you will be attracted to the one you need;
  2. Stand before a group of crystals, close your eyes and calm you mind. Then open your eyes and the crystal your gaze is first drawn to is the one you need; and/or
  3. Pick up any crystal with your right hand and hold it whilst relaxing your mind. If after a moment you feel it buzz in your hand this is the right crystal for you.  *If you are choosing a crystal for another individual, use your left hand instead and picture the person in your mind’s eye. If you feel a buzz in your hand it is right for that person.

Crystals need to be periodically cleansed to remove build up of negative energy and this can be done in the following ways:

  1. Place in direct sunlight or moonlight (note: some crystals such as amethyst fade in the sunlight);
  2. Water cleansing (note: some crystals such as selenite can deteriorate in water);
  3. Burying in the earth (note: some crystals such as quartz can discolour especially if left for long periods of time);
  4. Fire cleansing using candles or fire pit (note: direct flame contact not suggested but by keeping in close proximity);
  5. Smudging using herbs or incense;
  6. Flower cleansing such as essences or waters;
  7. Rice cleansing by placing in a bowl of rice for a set number of hours;
  8. Essential oil by rubbing them with a essential oil anointed cloth (note: some crystals such as malachite can deteriorate or be tarnished by this cleaning method);
  9. Chanting over the crystal;
  10. Asking Deity, Angels, Fairies, Devas or Nymphs to bless your crystal within a cast circle.

Lastly you must remember since most crystals are taken from within mother earth, they are powerful and must always be handled with respect. If they are not going to be shared or passed on to other individuals for further use, they should be returned to the earth with thanks if you no longer require them and their purpose has been fulfilled.

By T. Georgitsis © 2011 (first appeared in Issue 1, Spirit & Spell 2011) (First image from


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