Isis – Mistress of Magic (Part 2 of 2)


Working with Isis

 As a magician I have found honouring Isis through Heka (magic in the Ancient Egyptian tradition of Kemetism) has benefited my life immensely.  Having being called into service by Isis as my first and foremost Patron I have come to learn her multifaceted approach to working with Heka can be used in this modern day from things relating to prosperity, health, protection, success and love.

In part 1 of this blog post, I have just touched upon the magnificence that is Isis, Mistress of Magic and I encourage you to further get to know her more intimately through her myths as well as honouring her in ritual and the practice of magic in her name.

Simple Invocation and Ritual to Isis Mistress of Magic

Start this rite just before sunset.

Altar faces east and has some unlit incense, a blue candle, anointing oil, a bowl of rose water, Isis statue and an offering (simple items such as bread, water, wine can be used) for Isis placed upon it.

Begin by standing with both arms relaxed by your side before your altar.

Light some incense and then draw the Invoking Ankh followed by the Invoking Eye of Horus before you, behind you, to your left, right, above, below and within you.

Light the blue candle.

Take the rose water and sprinkle it over the Isis statue.  Now take the anointing oil and anoint the statue of Isis on the third eye area of her forehead.

Lift both hands and arms from your elbows up before you, with palms facing upwards and say:

Dua-ur-ntr Anedj-Rak Ne-fer A-set.

(Adorations and greetings to you beautiful Isis.)

Repeat the following Hymn to Isis:

“Ra is in celebration!

The heart exults in joy

For your heart is soft and sweet O Goddess!

Isis Queen of the World and Her son Horus

He is King upon the Throne of His Father

Governing both poles

The Seat of Geb is in Her possession

The function of Atum is in Her hand

The strength of Mentu is in Her grasp

The divinity who produces the beginning

And fills the Sky and Earth with Her perfection

This Crown who bright in Gold appears

Auguste is Her sign

Lives in the House Divine

Sovereign of the Gods of the Sky

Queen of the Gods of Earth

Falcon also of Gods of the Tuat

The Mistress of Bright Glory

On the Throne is Her command

It is the one Her heart desires

Who is chosen to ascend the Throne

Without violence they ascend the Palace

One call, one desire to see

The Honour of the Country and everything whole

It is by Her order that the Temple is blessed

With the return of Her brother!

Her name is pronounced and the world is loyal to Her”(1)

Cross hands over chest in Osiris Position and meditate, pray or send Isis a petition of askance.

After this is completed place the offering to Isis before her statue and say:

“Ho-tep A-set” (Peace and Offerings A-set).

Farewell Isis by repeating the following:

 “O Holy Blessed Lady

Constant comfort to humankind

Whose beneficence and kindness nourish us all

And whose care for those in trouble is as

A loving Mother who cares for all Her Children

You are there when we call

Stretching our your hand to put aside

That which is harmful to us

Untangling the web of fate in which we may be caught

Even stopping the stars if they form a harmful pattern

All other deities

Whether bountiful or merciless

Do reverence to Thee

For it is Isis who rules the world

Stamping out the powers of evil

Arranging the stars to give us answers

Causing the seasons to come and go

Commanding the winds to move ships

Giving the clouds to water the growing seeds

So that we may have food

If I have one thousand mouths

And one thousand tongues in each

Still I could not do justice to Thy Majesty

Yet I will forever remember your help in my time of need

And keep your blessed image deep within my heart.”(2)

 Let blue candle burn all the way down (Note: Never leave a lit candle unattended.).

Leave offering on altar for at least 24 hours and use appropriately.



(1) Traditional Hymn to Isis taken from a wall at her Temple in Philae.

(2) Prayer from Om Sety at the Abydos Temple.

(c) T. Georgitsis 2012 (First appeared ion Axis Mundi, Issue 53, July 2012)


Waters of Life, A Devotional Anthology for Isis and Serapis, Bibliotheca Alexandra 2009

Offering to Isis, M Isidora Forrest, Llewellyn Publications 2005

Isis in the Ancient World, R E Witt, The Johns Hopkins University Press 1971

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