Ankh: Used as a “Key of Life” to access the infinite realm of wisdom and also used for dowsing, creativity, long life and fertility of body and mind.


Cartouche:  Used as a protection amulet and talisman and used to provide a link between earth and other planes.

(image not available)

Obelisk:  Used to stimulate the marking of time and promote the connection with AE culture.


Pyramid:  Used to amplify energy of the crystal itself and are used to charge and preserve objects.  Natural occurring pyramids amplify and channel the energy through the apex and can be used to manifest things after they are programmed successfully.


Scarab:  Used as a symbol of protection, stamina, endurance and abundance.



© T. Georgitsis 2010 – All images (c) T. Georgitsis 2012 & 2013

Ancient Egyptian Shaped Crystals

One comment on “Ancient Egyptian Shaped Crystals

  1. That cartouche is stunning. I was visited by Aset three nights ago. So vivid I could not ignore it. Your cartouche remind me of a Laboradite scarab I have. I think I shall wear it along with my Shabu you gifted me :-*

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