Pagan Blog Project: B is for Black Salt

What is Black Salt?

Black Salt also known as Witches Salt and Drive Away Salt.

*Black salt is primarily used in hoodoo and rootwork but has been adapted by witches and pagans alike. Its purpose is to clear, banish and repel any negativity or manipulation and provide protection to the user.  It is generally used in banishing, hexes and protection workings.

Black salt is basically salt, mixed with something which turns the salt black and can come in various forms including: black food colouring (use powdered form), black pepper, ash, charcoal, scrapings from the bottom of a pot, black chalk, candle or lamp wick residue.

The standard black salt recipe is 2 parts of salt to every 1 part of black item.  Grind up all parts in a mortar and pestle and use or store for later.

Personally speaking I prefer to use rock salt which is kosher along with the ash of some sacred herbs (herbs depend on the purpose of the black salt created).

Hekate’s Black Salt  (© T. Georgitsis 2014)


  1. 2 parts kosher rock salt
  2. 1 part ash from the herbs of: dandelion, lavender, mint, bay, mugwort and rue


  1. In a heat proof dish and preferably outside take some dried dandelion root, lavender, mint, mugwort and rue herbs and burn with a lighter** until they are reduced to ash.  Whilst doing this visualise what kind of things you want to remove or banish out of your life.
  2. Take the ash and in a mortar, crush and blend it with a pestle with half the amount of salt to your ash ratio.
  3. Once blended use or store for later.

Simple Use for Black Salt

Sprinkle around the perimeter of your home.  With a long handled broom sweep the perimeter containing the traces of black salt outwards and away from your home.

© T. Georgitsis 2014

*Not to be confused with the Indian spice black salt which is pink in colour.

** I prefer the turbo gas lighters for the long reach and ability to stay lit with wind

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