Pagan Blog Project: D is for DIY

I like to challenge myself to learn to make my own devotional items, especially since I prefer to tailor things for my own spiritual and magickal needs/wants.  I find all you need is a can-do attitude, patience and practice – which is essential in developing your crafting skills.

Making your own magickal items for your workings can also ensure the ingredients you use are environmentally and ethically sourced. Also you dont have to spend a fortune for commercially manufactured items which can always be on the pricey side and you can make things from recycled materials so you cut down on waste.

When my aunt and mother were creating their magickal crafts there wasnt a local occult shop they could just pop into.  What they did is made do with what they could use from around the house and also what they could wild harvest in nature.  I am so glad to have had this influence in my early years because quite frankly its taught me to be self-sufficient and not wasteful.

I have a thing for not throwing anything out which I might use at a later date.  I have a cupboard filled with old jars, containers and the like which aren’t appropriate for giving away and can be reused.  They come in handy when making your own craft items.

black salt

(Pictured above is some Hekate: Black Salt – I reused an old spice jar which I had washed, sterilized, used to pack the black salt and re-labelled.  Even the ingredients used are re- purposed by using offerings I made to Hekate in the way of rock salt and home grown herbs which I had burned into ash.)

Here are some tips I have which I have found valuable over the years:

*Wash and store old glass jars, bottles and containers as they can come in handy to store various items in such as oil blends, herbs, resins, incense, waters, powders etc. You can also use jars as soy candle holders and bottles as candle holders or vases.

* Used charcoal blocks can be used in recipes such as black salt or can be gathered and placed in a charcoal burner as a buffer between the container and a lit charcoal piece.

*Old pieces of wood can be used to make a pentacle, portable shrine or tools box.

*Perishable offerings can be thrown into a compost for use over a garden and some items can be used to regrow the vegetable or plant it came from by harvesting seeds to planting the item remnants.  I have done this successfully with garlic and onions and even some herbs.

*Offerings in the form of flowers, herbs, salt and even fruit can be reused in the making of incense, waters etc. Drying them out in a slow burning oven after you’ve cut up your ingredients is a great way to reuse fruit peel in blends.

*Broken plates, glasses, old pins, rusty nails etc can be used for protection magick such as witches bottles.

*The stubs of candles can be used similar to sealing wax in various spells and workings.


If anyone has any other re-purposed ideas they would like to share with me please do 😀


© All images and information shared – T. Georgitsis 2014

3 comments on “Pagan Blog Project: D is for DIY

  1. Reblogged this on Knot Magick and commented:
    Setjataset has a lot of good ideas here, I tend to try and make my own devotional objects and offerings and the like. I am now inspired to make some black salt

  2. Brilliant Tina! All these re-uses are great! I agree to recycling old for new creations. I’ve found wonderful bottles and such items through thrift shopping. I’ve never been more pleased to create my own devotional crafts as well as support the crafty pagan community.

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