Hekatecentric Events From The Past

I have hosted a few Hekate-centric free public gatherings/events over the last few years other than Hekate: Her Sacred Fires which I have been running since its inception.

Here are a few I’d like to share with you:

Feast of Hekate, Dandenong Mountains
(BBQ, Picnic and impromptu ritual)

Feast of Hekate August 2011 - public rite


Magick of the Sea – Sandringham
(Picnic and workshop on various forms of oceanic magick)

Sanctuary of Hekate's Crossroads - Magick of the Sea Workshop February 2013 - public rite

Hekatesia Ritual, Sandringham
(Hellenic Hekate Ritual and Pub Moot)

Sanctuary of Hekate's Crossroads - Hellenic Ritual November 2013 - public rite

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