Brief Descriptions on Wicca Traditions: Alexandrian Wicca


Alexandrian Wicca  is a tradition named after Alex Sanders whom started the tradition with his wife Maxine.  Sanders was known as the King of the Wiches and established the tradition in the 1960’s in England. 

The tradition has many similarities to Gardnerian wicca but also contains elements of ceremonial magick and kabalistic practice which Saunders was a student of.  The name refers to Alex himself as well as the Library of Alexandria in Egypt and came about when a student –  Stewart Farrar asked Alex about what their initiates should be called for a book he was writing “What witches do” but there is a conflicting account of the Gardnerians calling Sander’s coven members Alexandrians. 

Alexandrian wicca follows the same god and goddess model of the Gardnerians as well as their sabbat and moon ritual gatherings but it includes new moon gatherings as well, is considered more eclectic and ritual nudity is only an option. Sanders worked on a book called “Book of Shadows” containing all his teaching notes and was passed on.  This term is used by many witches today to label their collections of notes which has information they have been taught or picked up along the way. 

In Alexandrian Wicca the belief “only a witch can make another witch” is adhered to and there are three degrees of initiation in which only a second or third degree can initiate others into first degree. A member who hasn’t become initiated to first degree is called a neophyte or dedicant, first degree is referred to as a witch, second degree is referred to a priest or priestess and a third degree is referred to as a high priest or priestess.

Regarding Alexandrian Wicca, it’s believed that Sanders was initiated into Gardnerian Wicca and that’s how he got a copy of the BoS, but he wasn’t a student of Gardner’s.

Books written by Sanders:
Book of Law
Alex Sanders Lectures

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