Brief Descriptions on Wicca Traditions: Dianic Wicca


Dianic Wicca is a tradition of wicca which is feminist in nature and was founded by Zsuzsanna Budapest a hereditary witch in the United States in the 1970s.  The name comes from the Roman Goddess Diana.

Unlike Gardnarian or Alexandrian Wicca the focus is Goddesscentric in her many forms and has changed a lot since it founding days which is evident by its inclusion of male practitioners.  Dianic wicca has elements of British wicca along with Italian folk and healing magick which the founder was taught by her mother (healing arts). 

Practitioners won’t engage in manipulative magick which includes hexing because it goes against the “Wiccan Rede” unless you are binding or hexing those who attack women. 

Like Gardnerian and Alexandrian covens they celebrate the 8 sabbaths and the moon esbats, use similar tools and terms of reference with the exception of men not being allowed.  Budapest’s book “The Holy Book of Women’s Mysteries” was a book which promoted this feminist wiccan movement.

Books written by Budapest:

The Holy Book of Women’s Mysteries
The Feminist Book of Lights and Shadows
The Grandmother of Time
Grandmother Moon
The Goddess in the Office
The Goddess in the Bedroom
Summoning the Fates
Celestial Wisdom for Every Year of Your Life
Rasta Dogs
Selene, the Most Famous Bull-Leaper on Earth


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