Brief Descriptions on Wicca Traditions: Blue Star Wicca


Blue Star Wicca  is a tradition based on Gardnerian and Alexandrian Wicca and influenced by American Welsh Tradition and Pagan Way study materials.  The tradition was created in Pennsylvania in 1975 by Frank Dufner. Folk musicians Tzipora Klein and Kenny Klein spread the word about the tradition in 1983 through their tour and music release of Moon Hooves in the Sand which contained this traditions liturgical music as well as them assisting the creation of new covens along the way.

In the early days of the coven, members often took names containing or referencing blue or star.  The tradition has decentralized hierarchy in which members go through initiations (which can include tattooing) and its members can practice as solitaries with connections to a coven and have varying personal beliefs with regards to theology. 

The tradition has the following hierarchical initiation system: Dedication, Neophite, First Degree, Second Degree and tfhird Degree. Blue Star Wicca has various focuses which include community service to the pagan community, music as part of their rituals and members regard each other as family.  The tradition has a practice which includes a circular altar in the center of the circle of members with special placement of the tools upon the altar. This wiccan tradition has also inspired other traditions such as Maidenhill Wicca and Braided Wheel and has a close sister connection to the Odyssean tradition.



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