Brief Descriptions on Wicca Traditions: Georgian Wicca


Georgian Wicca is a tradition of wicca based on Gardnerian and Alexandrian wicca but doesn’t have its lineage connected to any British traditions.  Its named after its founder George Patterson who created the tradition in 1970 in the US . 

Patterson founded the tradition by teaching two students (Zanoni and Tanith) in a small coven in this home in California.  Patterson’s background was that he received knowledge in the craft from a celtic coven in Boston and took a hiatus from them to serve in the armed forces for four years.  Upon his return he had discovered that his family had destroyed his tools and book containing his notes and he couldn’t reconnect with the celtic coven.

Patterson also gathered information from various other sources including: The Stuarts from England, Lady Gwen from New England Covens of Traditional Witches and Ed Fitch a Gardnerian.  In 1974 Patterson created a Georgian newsletter which helped network the Georgian community. 


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