Askei Kataskei (Issue 7): Article on Hekatesia Ritual


New issue of Askei Kataskei (7) is out now.

The cover features an image of my shrine to Hekate with respects to the public Hekate: Her Sacred Fires ritual I held last year and I have also shared an article on Sacred Waters for Hekate.

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Dark Moon Ritual


(Hekate by William Blake)

Dark Moon Ritual Note: The Dark of the Moon is on the last day of the lunar month, the night before the New Moon. The Rite of the Dark of the Moon is focussed on evoking Hekate and performing a ritual in Her name remove negative energies, leaving offerings of food and drink and ask for blessings in in Her name. The following ritual can be adapted to suit personal needs and the location of the ritual.

Personal Preparation: Take a ritual bath or shower and dress in a clean robe or other ritual attire.  Anoint yourself with any oil (olive oil will work if you have no other preference), focusing on crown chakra, forehead, heart, solar plexus, and the soles of the feet.

Altar Preparation Set up, if you don’t have a permanent space, your devotional shrine to Hekate.  This can be as simple or elaborate as you wish for it to be. It should, however, contain:

  • A red Candle
  • A plate of food offerings for Hekate’s Deipnon. Traditional offerings include garlic, onions, cheese, eggs, fish, bread, and cake. The plate used for these offerings should never be used by the living.
  • A goblet or chalice containing a libation, which can consist of wine, honey, olive oil, milk, or purified water, among other things.
  • A receptacle to receive the libation, if you won’t be performing the ritual in a location where you can pour it directly into the earth.
  • Aundle of herbs for purification, and either a censer to burn them on or a bowl of sacred water to asperge with. Recommended herbs: bay, rosemary, sage, mugwort, hyssop and mint.

The Ceremony Light your red candle.  Place both your hands on your heart (three heartbeats), your forefinger and middle finger of your dominant hand to your lips (three heartbeats), and then to your brow (three heartbeats). Now enclose your thumbs within both your hands (in fists) and raise both your arms to the heavens. Open your hands and with palm upwards in your left hand, bring your right arm to your side palm facing downwards. Recite (or read) your personal Hymn to Hekate. [Take three deep breaths, in through your nostrils and out through your mouth, make sure you are comfortable, repeat if need be].

“May my heart burn with desire for understanding” (touch heart)

“May my lips speak words of illuminated truth”  (touch lips)

“May my visions be filled with divine knowledge”  (touch brow)

[Take three deep breaths, in through your nostrils and out through your mouth, make sure you are comfortable, repeat if you feel it necessary.]

Evoke the Goddess “Dark Maiden Hekate, who carries the keys to the realm below and leads the indwelling souls’ way. Great Mistress, who guards the gates of worlds between. By the Stars of the Dark Heavens and the Shadow of the Moon! By your Mysteries held in the depths of Blackest Night!Still within this place of Darkness, I evoke you, Torch-bearing lover of Shadow! Rise up from the Underworld, with spectral hound and haunting Shade, To receive your Deipnon and wander the blessed Night! Bestow your gift of nocturnal wisdom upon the brow of your devotee! Guide my earthly feet along your moonless road, that I may know clarity and strength of soul. As restless spirits gather at the crossroads, I entreat you, Tender-Hearted Hekate,  To graciously pour down your blessings that we may carry your protection, And reveal your secrets that keep the promise of hope within the darkness.”  

Protection To protect against and dispel both literal harmful spirits which may be passing your way and unwanted or negative aspects within yourself, use a simple ritual gesture: with fingers on your lips, expel with a heavy breath out, visualizing the negative forces rising up through the body and leaving out of the mouth. To further activate the magical working, recite the following while focusing on what you want to dispel:

“O Nyx, whose darkness holds all the mysteries in shade, O flame lit stars, whose golden rays with Luna light float near, Black Queen who knows the untold desire that works our will, Ekate Apotropaios. Grant us your protection this night from harm & malevolence as we give honour to you.” 

Deipnon At the liminal space/doorway, offer a Deipnon (an offering of a meal) to the Goddess at the front doors of your home or by a local crossroads, in the hopes that She may, in passing, confer Her blessing.

“Great Hekate of the Crossroads I honour you at this time of the dark of the moonAccept these offerings as thanks for the blessings you have bestowed on me May I be purified and protected Hail Goddess of the Darkness!”

Slowly stand up and walk away in silence, without looking back. If not at a crossroads, walk directly into the home, closing the door, without looking back.

Fumigation In the home, take your bundle of purification herbs, and either burn them on a censer or dip them in a bowl of sacred water to asperge with. Use these herbs to purify both your home and yourself. While doing this, say:

“Eas, Ekas, este veveli!” (in Greek: “ΕκαςΕκας εςτεβεβελοι”) [Translation: Far, Far from this place be the profane]

Closing In the temple space, face the west and in a ritual gesture raise your goblet/chalice to the heavens, then to your forehead, and lastly to your heart before pouring the libation to the Goddess, to the dead, and to the powers of the Underworld. The libation may be poured directly onto the ground or, if you are inside, into a receptacle that you can later take them outside to pour onto the ground. While pouring the libation, recite the following:  

“Pass into the Earth and be drunk by the restless dead… be received by the rivers of the Underworld…be spilled upon the feet of our Goddess.”

Farewell to Hekate Bid farewell to Hekate as you are moved. Perform the closing as usual, ie. extinguish the flame, then place both your hands on your heart (three heartbeats), your forefinger and middle finger of your dominant hand to your lips (three heartbeats), and then to your brow (three heartbeats). Open your palms reaching towards the heaven, then reach down and touch the Earth.

Used with permission of the authors – not be reproduced without permission

Created by Louise Greentree, Nidge Kendrick, Caro HL, Shay Skepevski, Hazel, Sarah Burns and T. Georgitsis on behalf of the CoH, 2013.  

Covenant of Hekate: Devotee Shrines

A few of my devotional shrines are shared here on the COH website with some other members:





Spell-craft Correspondences


Days of the Week Colours Herbs Stones Planet Element
Monday Silver Lotus





Clear Quartz

Moon Water
Tuesday Red Dragons Blood




Red Jasper


Mars Fire
Wednesday Orange Lavender






Mercury Air
Thursday Green Mint



Lapis Lazuli



Jupiter Air/Fire
Friday Pink Rose



Rose Quartz



Venus Water
Saturday Grey Mandrake






Saturn Earth/Water
Sunday Gold Clove





Tigers Eye

Sun Fire

Tarot Deck Review: Penny Dreadful Tarot Cards

In recent months I started watching a new show called “Penny Dreadful”, due to my love of the 19th century English horror genre and having read the books the characters are based on: Dracula, Frankenstein & The Picture of Dorian Gray.

One of the main characters – Vanessa Ives (whom I am assuming at this point is a portrayal of a Victorian spiritualist/occultist) uses a deck of tarot cards specifically created for the show.  Here is Vanessa giving a reading in one of the first few episodes (please note she used two decks in this scene):


On the screen  they are visually catching due to the stark white outline of the images and purple tinged background,  therefore after watching the second episode, I ordered myself a deck from the Showtime website (

When I received the tarot deck, I was a tad disappointed.  This was due to the cards themselves being  quite flat and lifeless due to their graphic design which I’m not a fan of (on the most part).  The card quality itself is also inferior as the cardboard is quite thin and the cards mark easily.  This means they will wear out and corner quite quickly if handled frequently and without delicate care.  Unfortunately I have personally found this seems to be a common occurrence with most tarot cards printed in the last decade or so.

Little information has been provided about the art used and the deck comes with a single instructions card on how to use them with basic and to the point meanings.  If you are looking for a booklet with more detailed symbolic descriptions and meanings of the cards dont bother looking here. With that said there are a plethora of tarot books which go into the specific meanings of each major and minor tarot card you can use in conjunction with this deck. You’ll just have to gloss over the fact that you  just wont know the artist’s reasoning for choosing the images used for the Penny Dreadful tarot deck.

The deck itself can be used for simple three card readings like the information card provides but I wouldn’t suggest using them for more in-depth and complicated spreads.  Specific path working like meditation can be used with them but keep in mind the symbolism is quite dark and ghoulish so be prepared for that.

I reminded myself they were made for a tv series and entertainment purposes so all in all – for me personally, its a good addition to my collection…plus I do love the imagery of some of the cards, specifically The Fool, The Empress, The High Priestess and The Magician.

If you like to collect tarot cards this deck at $14.95US from the Showtime store wont break the bank but for those of you who are ordering outside the USA, keep in mind the cost of international shipping is more and that it will take 2-4 weeks for the deck to arrive.


(image (C) T Georgitsis 2014)

Also as a heads up – there is an app on the Penny Dreadful website you can use for free 3 card tarot readings using the deck in an automated way which you can also get a look at through here: