Set & His Kings Inscription…on his birthday…


The 400 Year Inscription at Tanis

“…..thy ka, O Set, son of Nut, mayest thou grant a happy life following thy ka, to the ka of….[Seti]. Live…. King Ramses II, sovereign, who equips the Two Lands with monuments in his name, so that Re rises in heaven for love of him, King Ramses II. His majesty commanded to make a great stela of granite, in the great name of his fathers, in order that the name of his grandfather, King Menmare, Son of Re: Seti-Merneptah, might be exalted, enduring and abiding forever, like Re, every day.

In the year 400, in the 4th month of the 3rd season, on the 4th day, of the King of Upper and Lower Egypt: Opehtiset; Son of Re, his beloved: Nubti, whom Harakhte desires to be forever and ever; came the hereditary prince, governor of the (residence) city, vizier, fan-bearer on the right of the king, chief of bowmen, governor of foreign countries, commandant of the fortress of Tharu, chief of the foreign gendarmes, king’s scribe, master of horse, chief priest of the Ram-god, lord of Mendes, High Priest of Set, ritual priest of Buto-Upet-Towe, chief of prophets of all gods, Seti, triumphant, son of the hereditary prince, governor of the residence city, vizier, chief of bowmen, governor of foreign countries, commandant of the fortress of Tharu, king’s scribe, master of horse, Peramses, triumphant; born of the lady, the musician of Re, Teya, triumphant. He said: `Hail to thee, O Set, son of Nut, great in strength in the barque of millions of years, overthrowing enemies in front of the barque of Re, great in terror, ….. [grant m]e a happy life following thy ka, while I remain in ….”


Hymn to Heru-Wer…on his birthday…



“Horus Divine of forms,
He of the Two Ladies,
Divine of births
Horus of Gold, Who has come into being
Dual King KhakauRa (the kas of Ra have appeared)
Son of Ra Sesostris
He has taken up the Two Lands as the one whose words are right and true.

Hail Kha-kau-Ra
Our Horus, Divine of forms
Protector of the Land, extender of its boundaries
He Who defeats foreign lands by His Great Crown
He Who embraces the Two Lands with His action

He Who subdues the foreign lands with His two arms
Who slaughters the enemies of Egypt without a blow of a weapon
Who fires the arrow without the string being drawn
He Whose dread has smitten the bedouins in their land
He whose fear slaughters the nine bows,
whose massacre causes the death of thousands
among the enemies of Egypt who had dared to reach its border.

He who fires an arrow as Sekhmet does,
He fells thousands of those unaware of His Power
The tongue of His Majesty is the restraint on the foreign land
and His commands are what set the bedouins to flight.

Unique and Youthful One Who fights at His border,
Who never lets His workers grow weary
Who enables the Nobles sleep to daybreak,
with His troops in their sleep
because His heart is their protector,
His Laws have drawn up His borders,
His words have assembled the two riverbanks

How the … rejoice, for You have made their offerings flourish
How the … rejoice at Your …, for You have drawn up their border
How the … in the presence rejoice, for You have enlarged their shares
How the people rejoice at Your strong arm, for You have protected their traditions
How the Nobles rejoice at Your activity,
for Your power has firmly protected their prosperity
How the two riverbanks rejoice at Your dread,
for You have extended their domain
How Your recruits at levy rejoice,
for You have caused them to flourish
How the Two Lands rejoice at Your might,
for You have protected their walls

Horus extender of His border, may You repeat eternity.

How great is the King for his city!
He is a million arms, a thousand men are little beside
How great is the King for his city!
indeed He is the dam that stops the river at its torrents of water
How great is the King for his city!
indeed He is the cool room that allows every man to sleep to daybreak
How great is the King for his city!
indeed He is a rampart, in the bronze of Shesem
How great is the King for his city!
indeed He is a refuge, unwavering His hand
How great is the King for his city!
indeed He is a shelter, rescuing the fearful from his enemy
How great is the King for his city!
indeed He is a sunshade at Flood, cool in Summer
How great is the King for his city!
indeed He is a warm corner, dry in Winter time
How great is the King for his city!
indeed He is a mountain resisting the storm at the time the sky rages
How great is the King for his city!
indeed He is Sekhmet against the enemies who tread on His border

He has come to us, grasping the land of Upper Egypt,
the Double Crown has joined His head
He has come, He has united the Two Lands,
He has merged the reed with the bee
He has come, He has ruled the Black Land,
He has placed the Red Land in its midst
He has come, He has protected the Two Lands,
He has calmed the two riverbanks
He has come, He has given Egypt life,
He has dispelled its woes
He has come, He has given the Nobles life,
He has given breath to the throats of the people
He has come, He has trampled the foreign lands,
He has struck the bedouis ignorant of His dread
He has come, He has protected His border, He has rescued the oppressed
He has come, … our children, we may bury our old ancestors.

May you love Kha-kau-Ra, alive for ever and eternity …
He Who is ordained to create your sustenance, He Who rescues …
Our Guardian Who knows how to make us breathe, Who is equipped…
May you reward Him with Life and Power and millions of years

Praise of Kha-kau-Ra, alive for ever and eternity …
raising the arm of the captain in the bark …
adorned with electrum more than …
the two riverbanks have … at …
they have … the paths…”

-Hymn to the King Sesostris III (1878/1839 BC)

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Hymn to Wesir…on his birthday…

An ear of corn isolated on a white background

Hymn to Wesir

Hail to you, Lord of the Sacred Land,

With the two horns, exalted in the atef-crown.

Greatly dreaded, master of eternity,

Lord of Ma’at, rejoicing in her majesty.

Comfortable upon the great throne,

One the gods praise when they see him.

To whom those in the Underworld come rejoicing,

And [the Sunfolk kneel with] foreheads to the ground.

May your heart be gladdened in your kingship,

Your rule ensuring the throne for your son,

Heru, your successor upon earth,

After he seized the Two Lands in triumph.

The royal scribe, overseer of the estate, Kheruef, vindicated, who says:

Hail to you, Wennefer,

Son of Nut, heir of Geb.

Magnificent and majestic

In the hearts of mankind, gods, the redeemed, and the dead.

One who inspires dread in Busiris,

Powerful in Abydos.

Let me come and go among the righteous

Who are in the following of your Majesty:

And let me feast upon the offerings of your offering table

As is the custom of each day

from the Tomb of Kheruef

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“Illuminating the Path” Hymn to Hekate

Marble statuette of triple Hekate and the three Graces. Late Hellenistic period in Rome. 1st - 2nd period a.d.
(Triple Hekate and the Three Graces,
Late Hellenistic period in Rome. 1st – 2nd period AD)

“Illuminating the Path” Hymn to Hekate

 Hekate, Mistress of Magic

I come to you as devotee

Hekate, Light Bringer

Illuminate my way in this time of darkness

Hekate, Guide of the Crossroads

Show me the true path of purpose

Hekate, Opener of Doors

Allow me to seek clarity of vision

Hekate, Keeper of the Key

Unlock your mysteries to me

(C) T. Georgitsis 2010

Pagan Blog Project: O is for Oracle (Egg Oracle)


Basic divination signs after using an egg for Limpia (please see my previous post about Limpia: ) which you determine after breaking the limpia egg in a clear glass:


Birds can take the form of a crows, owls & vultures. Magick has been performed against the person. Also shows that the person is being watched or spied on.

Blood Spots:

Small Blood Spots:

Magick in the form of a harmful hex has been performed against the person which can result in illness.

Large Blood Spots:

Powerful magick in the form of a strong harmful hex in which demons or evil spirits has been performed against the person which can result in death and predominately the person already has signs of illness.

Broken Egg:

If the egg cracks or breaks in your hands it shows that the healer is being prevented from helping the person.


Small Bubbles:

Person has been psychically attacked.

The more bubbles the more frequent the attack.

Large Bubbles

Person has been bound either by themselves by acting badly towards others or another and things in their life are stagnant because of it.

The more bubbles the more enemies.

Tear Shaped Bubbles

If the bubbles have a tear drop which flows out it in any direction show that there is an entity attached to the person.  This can manifest as a positive or negative entity depending on who or what it is.  Positive spirits can be deceased loved ones and negative spirits can be malevolent demons.

The more bubbles the more spirits.


Nothing of importance to note as everything is balanced.



If yolk is any other colour other than yellow or amber, there is future illness being showed due to negativity sent to the person or being surrounded by negativity.

Egg White:

Cloudy, murky or discoloured in a darkened way soul  is fractured and needs to be resouled.  If the colour is milky magick has been performed against the person.


Dark night of the soul and must work to reconnect to their higher selves.

Double Yolk:

Sign of good luck and that there is positive outcomes.


Evil eye (hex) has been performed against the person.


Magick has been performed against the person in a binding or negative persuasion if the shape of a person’s face appears.  Features on the face can distinguish who conducted the magick.


Any sediment which forms at the bottom of the glass in the forms of particles shows that the person has an enemy and needs to beware

Sulphur Scent:

Magick in the form of a harmful hex has been performed against the person which can result in the loss of income, health, relationships or assets.  The stronger the scent the worse the hex.

White Line:

White line which appears across the egg yolk shows that any hex or magick against your patient has been cleansed successfully using the limpia it is known as the “line of separation”.

White Spots:

Illness manifesting currently or falsehoods when it comes to people around you, which you need to be wary of.

Umbilical Cord:

Double Cord:

More than one problem or issue is manifesting and causing havoc in the person’s life.

Position of Cord:

If the cord sits beneath the yolk it shows the person is unwilling to better their situation and nothing will get better for them until they change.


© T. Georgitsis 2014


Chthonian Oath

Marble copy of one by Alkamenes. Imperial period in Rome. 1st to 2nd century a.d.

(Alkamenes,  Imperial Period, Rome,  1st to 2nd century A.D.)

“in ancient Greece oath-takers routinely consecrated their solemn vows by summoning the god of the Underworld.”

Roy Kotansky in Ancient Magic and Ritual Power

Pagan Blog Project: N is for Natron

(C) T. Georgitsis 2014

What is Natron?

Natron is mineralised salt which was found on the dry banks of the Nile in Ancient Egypt.  It was used by the Ancient Egyptians to clean, purify as well as preserve.  Mixed with water it was used as a cleaning product for the home, temple etc and mixed with oil it was used as soap.  Natron was used to preserve foods such as fish and meat, it was used in the embalming process of mummification, mixed with other ingredients it was used in the production of glass and ceramics, fuel, antiseptic, insecticide and bleach. Natron has a protective element and as such was used to project and to strengthen protection spiritually and physically.

Since natron was a natural occurrence found on the banks of the Nile and we don’t have the luxury of being able to collect it this way, I would like to share with you how to make your own natron.


Tina’s Natron Recipe (© T. Georgitsis 2014)


  • Baking Soda
  • Kosha Salt
  • Purified Water
  • Mortar & Pestle
  • Cooking Pot
  • Baking Paper
  • Oven Tray
  • Food Netting
  • Glass Containers with Lids

Method 1

Mix some baking soda and kosher salt in the blender or in a mortar with a pestle – ¼ part baking soda to ¾ part salt.

Method 2

  1. Mix one cup kosher salt and one cup baking soda and place in a cooking pot (shouldn’t be more than ¼ of the depth of the pot).
  2. Add water until it covers the mixture and heat on low whilst constantly stirring.
  3. Once it reaches boiling point ensure all the ingredients blend smoothly and take off heat.
  4. Mixture should be slime like substance which you can now pour and spread over a baking paper lined oven tray.
  5. You can put it in direct sunlight to dry out covered by netting so it isn’t polluted by grit or bugs (this can take a month or so) or alternatively place in a very low oven for several hours until the mixture dries out ensuring the mixture doesn’t turn brown as it must remain white in colour.
  6. Store in airtight glass container.


Simple Use for Natron

Take a few small grain sized pieces of natron and mix them with a little purified warm water.  Take a cloth sponge and dampen it in this mixture and use to clean your shrine icons.  This is a pure way to clear your icons of all pollutants both physical and etheric.


© T. Georgitsis 2014 (recipes first appeared in The Australian Pagan Magazine Issue 6 2014 in article “Purification in Kemet”)

Pagan Blog Project: N is for Natural Medicine (Food Crafting)


As someone who absolutely adores natural medicine I predominately employ it through food or as I like to call it food crafting.   The thing which stood out to me and which I was taught when I studied nutrition and food as medicine is that a change in what you eat through what you can consume can clear up 80% of you’re your health problems. Therefore I love to create recipes which have specific purposes in which magick is employed and the use of the vibration of the food is worked with.  I regularly prepare seasonal, high quality and appropriately synchronistic food and drink for the new moon, full moon,  sabbats and special festival days. Since creating recipes for specific emotional and physical health related issues are also a passion of mine I always work that into what I am planning.

A varied and balanced approach to food crafting  using seasonal foods for specific purposes is an act of  magickal working. It can bring harmony to yourself  as the creator, those you share your food with and it  also can fulfill the needs of the body, mind, spirit and emotions of everyone involved in the process – from creation to consumption.  The art of food crafting can connect you to the natural world and can therefore spark creativity within. This can be quite fulfilling spiritually and emotionally, whilst creating something that can manifest or assist in physical and mental healing.

It’s important to remember that whilst preparing food, the way you feel can imbue the recipe with those energies. Be mindful when cooking to keep your intent focused on what you are creating and the feelings you are putting into your work. There is energy in the act of food crafting itself, which is imparted in to the food. It can have an impact on those who partake of it, so remember to be focused on your intention when in the kitchen. Food crafting in anger, haste and with the constant worry that the food will taste awful, as well as not using fresh ingredients, can cause the food to vibrate with chaotic energy resulting in it not tasting the best. There are methods to combat these situations and assist in the act of positive food crafting. Try to buy seasonal ingredients as these will be the freshest available and therefore resonate with a higher vibrational energy. They are also cheaper due to seasonal abundance and this is also good on the finances.

Remember to set some time aside for preparation. Focus in a positive, proactive way whilst working on your recipe and keep the energy around you in line with your intent. This can be accomplished by listening to uplifting music, dancing around the kitchen whilst you cook, singing along, sending love and good vibes into the food. Chanting or praying over the food with the aid of the Gods or guides is a useful tool in magical food preparation. Since food crafting opens you up to self-reflection, sometimes negative or unbalanced thought-forms can creep in. Don’t be too hard on yourself and use it as an opportunity to change your thought patterns. In no time you will find yourself slipping back into positive and proactive mindfulness.  I personally find that when I food craft I fall into a light trance and feel very centered. This allows me to step away from everything else going on in my life and focus completely on the task before me. In moments like this I feel connected to the life force of the food and also the life force of the universe. I personally find this deepens the connection to Deity and brings me great peace and joy.


All food resonates with energy and this can be used to harness, activate healing or add specific intentional types of vibrations to the person who eats it which then becomes a wonderful and purpose filled magickal act. Traditionally food has always been considered a medicine and it has been used to treat various ailments including depression through the consumption of specific foods. Even though depression is seen primarily as distress of the mind and emotions, it can also be found that it is grounded in a stagnant liver. Therefore, foods that renew the liver are quite appropriate forms of food as medicine. Some of these include: brown rice, cucumber, apples, cabbage, fresh wheat germ, kudzu root and apple cider vinegar.

Bitter foods can also be used when treating some forms of depression as it has a calming effect within the heart. In this case it can assist in clearing out the physical heart with respects to the removal of build up in the arteries. Some of these bitter foods include: alfalfa, chamomile, dandelion root, green tea, gobo (burdock root), melons, berries, oranges and lemons. Other types of food which can have a positive effect on depression include: whole grains and pulses, essential fatty acids such as those contained in deep sea fish, shellfish and flax seed, vitamin B and magnesium rich food such as green leafy vegetables (spinach, broccoli, cabbage, asparagus), sunflower seeds, olive oil, honey, garlic, onion, ginger, beetroot, dates, peas, apricots, grapes, tomatoes, capsicum, turnips, swede, cherries, peas, pears, plums, prunes and mushrooms.

Herbs that can be combined with food or made as teas are useful in the treatment of depression. Some useful herbs include: fennel, dill, basil, St John’s wort, rosemary, thyme, borage, lemon balm, angelica, clary sage, coriander, liquorice, Siberian ginseng, gingko biloba, kava kava, valerian, cinnamon and the vanilla bean.

Food crafting can stimulate or bring up various effects if you  choose the right ingredients and with that in mind you need to be selective when food combining and focusing on what energies you want to bring in.

© T. Georgitsis 2012 (excerpt of article which appeared in Spirit & Spell February 2012, Issue 2)

Pagan Blog Project: M is for Masonry (Co-Masonry)


Co-masonry is a fraternal organisation which admits men and women as its members and also allows men who are part of male only Freemasonry, whom we term “malecraft”,  the ability to attend meetings and join a Lodge if they choose.

To be able to become a co-mason you have to believe in a higher power whom we call “The Great Architect” and it doesn’t matter what religion you are.  In my lodge there has been Christian, Catholic, Buddhist, Jewish and Pagan members.  You also have to live life on the “level” ie have no criminal records or have participated in anything untoward which could besmirch your reputation.  Lastly you have to keep your vows and retain the secret lore imparted to you in Lodge.

The order I belong to is part of the global fraternity “Le Droit Humain” here in Australia.  The teachings and traditions of Freemasonry is the basis of the order, whilst using masonic ritual and symbolism as its focus with respects to searching for the truth.  On a personal level, members are encouraged to raise their personal value without dogma and as a whole, members are encouraged to unite together to converse about theosophy and spirituality whilst respecting each other’s personal differences.

Maria Desraismes

Le Droit Humain was founded in France in the late nineteenth century by Maria Deraismes and Georges Martin.  Maria was an advocate for the rights of women and children whilst also being a journalist.  Georges was a senator and councillor of Paris who also was very much involved in the campaigning rights of women and children.

Maria was the first female Freemason to be initiated on 14th January 1882 into the malecraft Lodge “Les Libres Penseurs” (The Freethinkers) in Pecq just west of Paris which was quite scandalous in Freemasonry at the time.  It wasn’t until 11 years later when she and Georges created the first co-masonic lodge in order to establish equality for men and women in masonry.  The two were key players during women’s suffrage and children’s rights and as such worked tirelessly for their equality of rights in French society. Le Droit Humain was the first Co-Masonic Order as well as the first international Masonic Order.  The order spread through Europe and then moved throughout other continents, establishing lodges throughout the world. Notable co-masons connected to Le Droit Humain include social activist Annie Besant who brought co-masonry to the English speaking world.

Annie Besant

I personally discovered co-masonry when I attended the Tarot Conference which the ATS (Association of Tarot Studies) held back in 2005.  A few years later I was an initiated master mason of co-masonry.

In my lectures I have given in lodge, I have compared masonry to the magickal and spiritual pursuits I have a deep interest in.  The ones which I am most proud of was the connection of Ancient Egypt to Masonry, Cleopatra as Master Mason and comparing rituals in traditional initiation style Wicca (Gardnerian) to Masonry (none of which can be shared due to my masonic vows).

Comasonry’s main focus is theosophy through ceremonial style rituals and that is what drew me to it.  One thing I did find quite intriguing is that I had been seeing visions and dreams of the “All Seeing Eye” ever since I can remember and it didn’t really click why, until I entered the lodge room as a guest visitor and conversed with a 33rd degree member.  I can also honestly say that my 3rd degree was the most significantly powerful and life changing initiation I have ever gone through in my life and considering I have gone through a few initiations, this only highlighted that I was on the right path.

More information on Le Droit Humain can be found here:

Semper fidelis