Pagan Blog Project: L is for Limpia


What is a Limpia?

A limpia is a spiritual cleansing utilising an egg which is employed in some healing traditions such as those found within the gypsy and shaman paths.


Tina’s Simple Limpia Healing (© T. Georgitsis 2014)


1.            1 fresh chicken egg
2.            Holy water


1.            Submerge the egg in holy water.

2.            Make a sign of an equal armed cross on the top center of the person’s head with                   the egg and repeat this sign whilst moving down the body and covering all these                   areas: neck, chest, back, hands and feet whilst reciting a prayer (a prayer written                 to a healing deity would be ideal).

3.            Take the egg and rub it over the patient’s body from top to bottom in sweeping                     motions whilst continuing to recite the prayer you have chosen. You may choose                 to hover the egg over the person’s body and instead glide over their aura, if you                     don’t want to physically touch them with the egg.

4.            Once finished, crack the egg into a glass if you want to read it (that is another                         practice you can employ as part of the limpia healing which I will go into detail                     other time) or crack the egg and throw it into the toilet and flush it away.


Simple Use for Limpia

The above simple limpia healing would be used for any healing especially when its thought the person has been inflicted with the evil eye.


© T. Georgitsis 2014

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