Spirit of Place: Kwan Yin Temple (Bendigo)



Earlier in the year I took a trip to Bendigo a few hours out of Melbourne, Australia to visit the Kwan Yin Temple which is the biggest and oldest in the Southern Hemisphere.

Kwan Yin is the Goddess of Compassion and Mercy and is honoured by Buddists as well as polytheists.

10917388_10153610249784762_7851806525033357881_n(Front of  Kwan Yin Temple: (C) T Georgitsis 2015)

There are many images of Kwan Yin painted on the walls around the complex.

10897044_10153610249934762_8975848553364788040_n(Image of Kwan Yin painted on temple outer wall: (C) T. Georgitsis 2015)

There are also lots of statues in honour of Kwan Yin around the complex grounds.

10917108_10153610250194762_2717836452271508898_n(Kwan Yin statue in complex garden: (C) T. Georgitsis 2015)

10917372_10153610250964762_9096382572301772379_n(Outside of the inner shrine of Kwan Yin: (C) T. Georgitsis 2015)

There are incense burners outside the inner temple of Kwan Yin
which pilgrims can use to honour the Goddess.

10915192_10153610251249762_732563008241754289_n(Incense burners for Kwan Yin: (C) T. Georgitsis 2015

Inside the temple of Kwan Yin there is a statue and shrine in her
honour with offerings all around her.  Those who come to the temple
can meditate, pray and leave offerings in her name.

10430486_10153610251669762_4921593870833708008_n(Kwan Yin Shrine: (C) T. Georgitsis 2015

A close up of the Kwan Yin shrine shows how active this shrine
is which is very important to her devotees.

10923568_10153610251909762_5926170962712192536_nClose up of Kwan Yin Shrine (C) T. Georgitsis 2015

3 comments on “Spirit of Place: Kwan Yin Temple (Bendigo)

  1. I’ve always been curious about Kwan Yin, but don’t really know much about her. Does she have a large following in Melbourne/Australia? Thanks for this post, it’s a lovely temple.

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