Spirit of Place: The Yi Yuan (Garden of Joy in Bendigo)

One of the most tranquil and beautifully kept Chinese gardens I have had the pleasure to visit….

1513763_10153610241099762_618789019085334645_n1797476_10153610242829762_1334487668197758912_n 10421176_10153610242474762_2502702135074871083_n 10885080_10153610243524762_8835330688256284976_n 10885088_10153610242199762_3402006374456845737_n 10888683_10153610241959762_7261335899932803167_n 10917353_10153610242664762_7642130208468918204_n 10917367_10153610242569762_9101165337993996850_n 10922719_10153610241714762_8672640813612008360_n 10922859_10153610241824762_6784816766840608376_nAll images (C) T. Georgitsis 2015


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