Tarot Deck Review: Tarot of Delphi

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I supported the original Kickstarter funding campaign for the Tarot of Delphi which I discovered through a friend on Facebook and I can honestly say its the best deck to have come out in recent years.  Designed by Janet D. Hildegard Hinkel, this beautiful tarot has become my favorite deck to use and I am so glad I supported this Kickstarter and purchased several copies for my collection.

The images used in the Tarot of Delphi captivated me due to their rich, lush colors and contain many famous images by well known artists from the Victorian and Edwardian eras (which the creator obtained permission to use).  These images highlight the deck’s classical myths blended with ancient mystery traditions from Ancient Greece, Egypt, and Rome.

The professional yet sturdy quality of the cards is exceptional and comes packed in a hardy box complete with booklet, which protects the cards and gives clear explanation of the cards meanings respectively. Great for the master of tarot or for the complete novice (with a little education on Greek/Roman mythology) this tarot deck can be used a tool of divination, meditation, pathworking, mythology or art.

When I received this tarot deck, I was overwhelmed at the breathtaking beauty of the cards as the images practically jump out at you with their vibrancy and detail. The cards themselves are printed on high quality board and are artistically striking due to the colors and glossy look.  The main central image on each card is bordered by a gorgeous detailed frame and even the backs of the tarot cards are pleasing to the eye with some lovely patterned designs.

I personally was drawn to the incredibly powerful women represented in these cards like Kore, Medea and Circe (as well as the mythology of said women) and when I shared them with friends, acquaintances and clients, they felt the same way.


If you would like a new deck or you would like to add it to your collection, this tarot is well worth it at $35US.  Those of you who are ordering outside the USA, keep in mind the cost of international shipping is slightly more and that it will take 2-4 weeks for the deck to arrive.

On Janet’s webpage there are other variations of the deck  to purchase, including a digital pack, several special limited edition silk bags containing the cards as well as a free reading option.

Since May the cards have been available in retail stores in the US and there is a website dedicated to the Tarot of Delphi which I urge you to check out for more information of where you can purchase your copy:  http://www.tarotofdelphi.com/

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(all images (C)  Janet D. Hildegard Hinkel 2015 and used with permission 2015)

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