Brief Descriptions on Wicca Traditions: Elphame

Lady Tamara von Forslun set up The Church of Wicca and created the Elphame tradition of Wicca in the 70’s – 80’s in Perth, Western Australia.  Tamara’s mentor and teacher was Rhiannon Ryall who initiated her into the craft as a teen.  The Church of Wicca received legal registration as a church in 1989 which made it Australia’s first legal wiccan church.  It became defunct in the early to mid 2000’s due to some infighting and Tamara stepping down from her role as Arch High Priestess.

Elphame wicca is based on Gardnerian and Alexandrian Wicca and heavily influenced by ceremonial magick. The degrees start as cowan (seeker) witch (1st degree) priest/ess (2nd degree) and high priest/ess (3rd degree) when the person hives off to form their own coven.


2 comments on “Brief Descriptions on Wicca Traditions: Elphame

    • Nice!

      I was lucky enough to have met her when my coven hosted a night for her when she was visiting Melbourne and have her sign my copy (she signed it A’set as that was my craft name at the time as I was part of the Elphame tradition from the late 90’s to early 00’s). She was a lovely lady and very unassuming 😉

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