Spirit of Place: Tesselaar Tulip Festival (Part 3 of 3)

At the Tesselaar Tulip Festival there was more on than just tulips…there was some art too…these were my favourites:

12049203_10154373606884762_1499961927731198687_n 12036925_10154373606654762_1490598797560227773_n

12042890_10154373606244762_1585190951581262796_n 12032075_10154373606274762_3529223726617363764_n

11140002_10154373607579762_2551015266435725625_n 12002230_10154373606609762_8626158298504999164_n


There was also clog dancing in full costume:

12049423_10154373607334762_542943292907106469_n 12006305_10154373607089762_4841618064243255948_n

An old timey pipe organ raising money for charity:


Display and workshops on how to make wooden tulips:

11059698_10154373607489762_8440190150214399853_n 12027531_10154373607529762_5667783995222546492_n

And of course there were windmills tucked away everywhere:


All images (C) T. Georgitsis 2015




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