Kyphi Incense Recipe


Kyphi Incense


3/4 (of a part) Honey

3 (parts) Raisins

1/4 (of a part) Copal

1/4 (of a part) Myrrh

1/4 (of a part) Orris Root Powder

1 (part) Sandalwood

1/4 (of a part) Storax

1/2 (of a part) Frankincense

1/2 (of a part) Cinnamon Powder

1/2 (of a part) Finely Ground Benzoin

Wine (enough to moisten entire mixture)


  1. Thoroughly grind all ingredients separately, and then mix together all the ingredients except for the Benzoin.
  1. Add the wine to moisten, then form the mixture into small marble sized balls and roll them in the Benzoin.
  1. Place and cure (dry) on baking paper until firm (a moon phase is the best time-frame from experience.)


(c) T. Georgitsis 2014

Ancient Greek Orphic Hymn in Modern Greek

deipnon-september 2013

Αρχαία Ελληνική Ορφικό Ύμνο Εκάτη


Ενοδην κτην κλζω, τριοδτινραννν,

ορανην χθονην τε κα εναλην, κροκπεπλον,

τυμβιδην, ψυχας νεκων μτα βακχεουσαν,

Περσεαν, φιλρημονγαλλομνην λφοισιν,

νυκτερην, σκυλακτινμαιμκετον βασλειαν,

θηρβρομονζωστονπρσμαχον εδος χουσαν,

ταυροπλον, παντς κσμου κληιδοχον νασσαν,

γεμνην, νμφην, κουροτρφον, ορεσιφοτιν,

λισσομνοις κορην τελετας σίῃσι παρεναι

βουκλ εμενουσαν ε κεχαρητι θυμ.

The Autumn Issue of Isis-Seshat Journal Is Now Available!

I have contributed to this amazing magazine…

amor et mortem

As the Executive Editor, I’m very pleased to announce that the Autumn issue of Isis-Seshat, the quarterly journal of the worldwide Fellowship of Isis (FOI), is now available! Eighty pages–the longest issue to date–of stunningly beautiful (each issue is printed in full color on 80-lb. high-gloss paper stock) and theologically provocative essays, poetry, prayers, and original artwork from Polytheists (Kemetic devotees and others), Pagans, international FOI clergy, and U.S.-based artists delve into the subject of navigating “Dark Nights of the Soul.”  

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New FOI Priestess and Lyceum

On the 12/11/2015, Louise Hutchings was ordained as priestess into the Fellowship of Isis and has surpassed all 4 magi degrees which elevates her Iseum into an Lyceum.
Congrats Louise and may the gods always walk with you!
Louise is the first of my current students to complete the College of Isis (FOI) course I offer through my Lyceum and she is a shining example of what it takes is to be a priestess and walk the path of the Goddess.

DIY Soap: How to Make Soap (Melt and Pour Process Method)


How To Make Soap:

Melt and Pour Process Method

*Pyrex Measuring Jug (500ml to 1 litre ones are the best);
*Long handled spoon (do not use wood but stainless steel is best);
*Thermometer (long ones used to check milk heat for coffee frothing  is perfect but not essential);
*Essential or Fragrant oils;
*Melt and Pour Base;
*Flowers and/or Herbs;
*Any extras like mica, pumice stone, honey, olive oil etc;
*Colors: henna, sandalwood, saffron, clay, food coloring, coffee, cornmeal and/or cocoa powder.
*Rubbing alcohol in spray bottle.

1. Place 1 kg of  melt and pour base into Pyrex jug and heat in microwave at 30-60 sec bursts. Repeat until melted all the way through, ensuring you stir between each heating.

2.Once the melted soap base reaches 60-65 degrees create a mixture of: essential/fragrant oils, water, olive oil, honey, herbs etc (making about a 3 tablespoon amount of mixture) and add to cooling soap base.

6. Once all the ingredients are blended completely pour into a mold (silicone molds are the most efficient, otherwise use any other container you like the shape of, as long as it keeps heat (like baking tin) and ensure its lined with baking paper).  Tap the mold to ensure any bubbles which are trapped inside the soap are moved up and out and lastly spray with rubbing alcohol on top to create smooth surface.

10. Place the mold in a clean, cold area where they can set.

11. 2-4 hours later the soap should be hard enough to take it out of the mold.

(C) T. Georgitsis 2015


Daughter of the Sun hard copies arrive!

The hard copies of “Daughter of the Sun: A Devotional in Honor of Sekhmet” – the book I edited and contributed to was delivered to me in Australia last night 😀

Even though I have read it multiple times, its very cool to see it in a hard copy version!