DIY Soap: How to Make Soap (Melt and Pour Process Method)


How To Make Soap:

Melt and Pour Process Method

*Pyrex Measuring Jug (500ml to 1 litre ones are the best);
*Long handled spoon (do not use wood but stainless steel is best);
*Thermometer (long ones used to check milk heat for coffee frothing  is perfect but not essential);
*Essential or Fragrant oils;
*Melt and Pour Base;
*Flowers and/or Herbs;
*Any extras like mica, pumice stone, honey, olive oil etc;
*Colors: henna, sandalwood, saffron, clay, food coloring, coffee, cornmeal and/or cocoa powder.
*Rubbing alcohol in spray bottle.

1. Place 1 kg of  melt and pour base into Pyrex jug and heat in microwave at 30-60 sec bursts. Repeat until melted all the way through, ensuring you stir between each heating.

2.Once the melted soap base reaches 60-65 degrees create a mixture of: essential/fragrant oils, water, olive oil, honey, herbs etc (making about a 3 tablespoon amount of mixture) and add to cooling soap base.

6. Once all the ingredients are blended completely pour into a mold (silicone molds are the most efficient, otherwise use any other container you like the shape of, as long as it keeps heat (like baking tin) and ensure its lined with baking paper).  Tap the mold to ensure any bubbles which are trapped inside the soap are moved up and out and lastly spray with rubbing alcohol on top to create smooth surface.

10. Place the mold in a clean, cold area where they can set.

11. 2-4 hours later the soap should be hard enough to take it out of the mold.

(C) T. Georgitsis 2015


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