New FOI Priestess and Lyceum

On the 12/11/2015, Louise Hutchings was ordained as priestess into the Fellowship of Isis and has surpassed all 4 magi degrees which elevates her Iseum into an Lyceum.
Congrats Louise and may the gods always walk with you!
Louise is the first of my current students to complete the College of Isis (FOI) course I offer through my Lyceum and she is a shining example of what it takes is to be a priestess and walk the path of the Goddess.

One comment on “New FOI Priestess and Lyceum

  1. That is excellent news! Congratulations to Louise and to your Lyceum of Heka for furthering the work of the FOI–the world needs it now more than ever! Much aloha and many blessings from the Lyceum of Alexandria-Mishigami, Chicago, USA!

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