My Hellenic Version of Hekate Her Sacred Fires


Hekate Her Sacred Fire Ritual

Sanctuary of Hekate’s Crossroads

(Torchbearer: T. Georgitsis)

Set up altar: image of Hekate, khernips, khernips bowl, khernips towel, offerings including: flowers, grape juice, blessing cups, libation vessel, olive oil, candle to Hekate, candles for attendees, incense, charcoal, incense burner, amphiphon, bay leaves, matches, barley and gifts to attendees (coins and pendants).




Each participant should wash their hands in the khernips which is placed in a bowl outside the sacred space.

At this point all attendees’ state, Let all that is profane be gone!

Tina to take barley and throw the offering of cleansing upon the shrine and upon the sacred space and say “Hekas hekas este o-bebeloi” (Afar, Afar, O The/Ye Profane).




All gathered are to form a formal procession and walk towards the sacred space carrying the offerings with them.

All are to present the offerings to the Goddesses by holding them up in a gesture of offering and place them on the altar before forming a semi-circle around the altar. You do not need to speak to do this but may say a few words as a statement of purpose if you are inspired.

Tina to sprinkle khernips over offerings to purify them with the words “Xerniptosai” (be purified).


Honoring Hekate

All to face the altar and can either observe or take part of the following:

Place both your hands on your heart (three heartbeats), your forefinger and middle finger of your dominant hand to your lips (three heartbeats), and then to your brow (three heartbeats).  Now enclose your thumbs within both your hands (in fists) and raise both your arms to the heavens.

Open your hands and with palm upwards in your left hand, bring your right arm to your side palm facing downwards and invoke the Goddess.


I invoke thee, Great Mistress of the Heaven, Earth and Sea,

By your mysteries of Night and Day,

By the Light of the Moon and the Shadow of the Sun

I invoke thee, Mistress of life, death and rebirth

Emerge now from the shadow realm to feed my soul and enlighten my mind,

Triple-formed Mistress of the three ways

I entreat thee, Key-bearing Mistress of the Nightwandering Souls

To bring forth your wisdom from amongst the stars

To bring down your starfire from the darkness between,

Creatrix of Light!

Goddess of the Shadow Realms! Light-bearing queen!

Whisper now your secrets!

Fire-bringer! Earthly-one! Queen of Heaven!


[Raise both hands with palms facing upwards to the heavens (three heartbeats) and then touch the ground palms downwards]

[Tina takes hold of the shrine candle and prepares to light it after repeating the following (which all may repeat at the same time)]


Hekate, companion and guide to the mysteries

I light this sacred fire in your honour, 


[Tina lights the shrine candle and all in turn light their own candle from the shrine candle then when everyone is settled with their burning flame, they repeat the following]


Its light uniting the stars and stones, the heavens and the earth,

With this fire I express my desire for a greater understanding of your mysteries

Askei Kataskei Erōn Oreōn Iōr Mega Samnyēr Baui (3 times) Phobantia Semnē,

Great Hekate, who spins the web of the stars and governs the spiral of life

Guide me through towards pathways of understanding,

From Crossroad to Crossroad,

The Torchbearers and the Keybearers of your mysteries,

will always find one another,


Now all to sit and watch their flame flicker and dance, allow yourself to focus on the different colours in the flame, the yellows and reds, the blues and whites, and the black.  If you wish you may decide to spend some time meditating on the flame, skrying for visions or omens.   After everyone is done – all may say the following together:


I banish now the shadows of doubt from my mind,

Infused by the silence and warmth of our union

I feel your golden radiance within my heart

And the glory of knowledge on my brow,

I am a student of your mysteries.


Extinguish the flame, then place both your hands on your heart (three heartbeats), your forefinger and middle finger of your dominant hand to your lips (three heartbeats), and then to your brow (three heartbeats).


Open your palms reaching towards the heaven, then reach down and touch the Earth.


Offerings and Blessing Request


Attendees may now proceed before the altar in turn and present any offerings they have. These can be in the form of items lifted up to the heavens, in the form of hymns or prayers they would like to read out to Hekate, any petitions of askance, blessings or the like and lastly any jewellery or ritual tools may be consecrated using the khernips.


Tina to pour a libation for Hekate.


Tina to pour the rest of the grape juice into the cups provided and pass the cups to all attendees who may partake of it.


Tina to light the candles of the amphiphon (if the weather permits) and offer a slice to Hekate.


Tina to share the rest of the amphiphon with the attendees who wish to partake of it.




Tina thanks Hekate by saying:
“Hekate, in your name we gathered, thank you for your eternal illumination and blessings.”


Ritual is complete.


For those interested the “feasting” part of the ritual will now take place across the road at the Sandy Pub after the altar is disassembled and cleaned up.


Adapted from the HHSF Ritual by Sorita d’Este


(c) 2012 T Georgitsis

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