Sanctuary Consecration Rite of Sanctuary of Hekate’s Crossroads

Shrine Before RiteShrine After Rite

On the 30th November 2012, The Sanctuary of Hekate’s Crossroads which was formed by myself as Torchbearer within the Covenant of Hekate was sanctified through the completion of the Sanctuary Consecration Rite   The day was chosen due to it being the sacred day of Hekate at the Crossroads and my sanctuary having a connection to this sacred day due to its namesake made it the perfect time for this divine rite.


In preparation of my Sanctuary Consecration Rite I had abstained from animals products the week before and fasted on the day with purified water being the only thing consumed before the ritual itself.  Other preparations had been made during the weeks and days proceeding the ritual which included: sourcing wonderful organic produce from a local farmers market in the form of honeycomb, almonds, olive oil, rock salt, and milk, obtaining the black pillar bees wax candle from a local candle maker (which I had embellished with a flaming key I had specially procured from an overseas trip and surrounded by 3 handcrafted modern coins of Hekate which were gifts to the sanctuary along with a silver coronet which has a crescent moon as the centrepiece), the making of an authentic Hekate incense recipe from late antiquity, crafting the shrine cloth which included several types of white material (one of which I would go on to make a dancing veil in honour of Hekate after the rite),  making and baking honey and olive oil infused fresh Greek country bread, extracting and steeping rose water from my home own grown roses, creating a necklace made for the Goddess which contained symbolism of all her realms, collecting flowers from my garden in the form of blossoming sage, blossoming balm of Gilead and calendulas which were in season and a three foot in length piece of red wool thread which I had embellished with some sequences.

Shrine Candle

Pride of pace and the icon of Hekate used for The Sanctuary of Hekate’s Crossroads was one of the first images of Hekate I had received when I first started to pay honour to Hekate and was gifted to me by a long term friend and student which had been appropriately cleansed before the sanctuary consecration rite.  Along with my icon of Hekate I also had other gifts of a flower etched glass container given to me by my godparent, a copper cauldron from my partner and my ritualistic bulleen I gifted myself due to the deepening herb, plant and tree crafting I have been refining since Hekate entered my life.


The ritual commenced after the shrine had been properly prepared by the establishment of sacred space, which was followed by a declaration of the ritual intent. Then the ritual proceeded as per Sorita’s instructions detailed in the rite itself.  The atmosphere was electric when Hekate’s hymns were spoken, whilst much energy was raised during the sing song chanting in Hekate’s name and the ceremonial movements, acts and words were enacted which resonated a strong power, soared through my heart and vibrated right down though to my bones.

Shrine Lit - Daylight

After the Consecration Rite the Hellenic outdoor brazier which a member of the sanctuary and dear friend had hand made was lit in Honour of Hekate’s light coming into my life and showing me the way which contained environmentally sourced firewood from the tree of eucalyptus and herbs of bay laurel, rosemary and wormwood which I had collected and dried from my own garden. Also after the rite was complete a feast of thyme infused roasted lamb, herbed fish, garlic potatoes, Greek village salad, Greek country bread and a local red wine was partaken in and enjoyed.


The next morning during my morning rites on Hekate’s Chthonic earthly shrine I discovered that in my garden several of the Californian poppies I had planted during a previous ritual to Hekate had blossomed as well as many of the plants and herbs dedicated to Hekate seemed to have bloomed for the first time or appeared in the height of bloom and radiated a wonderful glow.


I thank Hekate for her wonderful blessings and I look forward to continuing to serve as her Torchbearer within the Sanctuary of Hekate’s Crossroads (COH) and as her Priestess within the Hekate Community as a whole.

Torchbearer and Founder of Sanctuary of Hekate’s Crossroads

   Shrine Lit - Night


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