Daughter of the Sun Review: Linda Iles

An amazing review of the Sekhmet devotional I edited by Linda Iles:

“Daughter of the Sun, A Devotional Anthology in Honor of Sekhmet”

Sekhmet was certainly one of the most important Goddessess in ancient Egypt, and although She continues to enjoy wide popularity today, this ancient and beautiful Goddess is probably One of the most misinterpreted and misunderstood.

This anthology offers a wide variety of contributions, but, unlike some of the other publications of this type, “Daughter of the Sun” goes beyond the scope normally offered through such a work. There is a whole section titled “Rites and Recipes” filled with excellent materials for private and public devotions. Another section, “Myths and Musings” seamlessly blends history, myth and experiences of the modern practitioner. Through all of the beautifully entries in this book, the reader is brought into the living presence of this ancient and beloved Goddess Who lives in the hearts of so many in the present day.

“Daughter of the Sun” contains within its pages a depth and wealth of material that will prove valuable to both the seasoned devotee and new votary alike. It will certainly introduce source materials that many readers would not discover or have access to on their own. At the same time, the pieces within this anthology offer perspectives on the more well known materials in new and exciting ways.

This is a beautiful study, an offering from the heart to one of the most beloved Goddesses of ancient Egypt. Her vibrancy shines through on every page, and will certainly touch the heart of every one who reads it. This work truly is of a caliber that Sekhmet deserves, worthy of being savored, page-by-page; read and re-read, time and time again. It is one of the best offerings dedicated to one particular Deity that I have ever read.

Linda Iles Author, “Bast, Cat Goddess of Ancient Egypt”

La Sirene – Blessings of the Sea

My partner drove me 3 hours return trip to Flinders  so I could perform an offering and blessing ceremony to La Sirene.  I grew up going to this beach and spending hours each day exploring the area and thankfully it hasnt changed since the last time I was there decades ago.

I set up a shrine on the beach underneath the alcove of a beach tree lest I be disturbed by a few families on the beach that day and left offerings for La Sirene in the lapping ocean water after the appropriate salutes and prayers had been made.

La Sirene

2015 in review

The WordPress.com stats helper monkeys prepared a 2015 annual report for this blog.

Here’s an excerpt:

A New York City subway train holds 1,200 people. This blog was viewed about 6,900 times in 2015. If it were a NYC subway train, it would take about 6 trips to carry that many people.

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The Land of the Long White Cloud: Paua Shell


Paua (pronounced Pah-Wah) is a univalve shellfish found only in New Zealand coastal waters.  Its unique for its wonderful lustre of irdescent blues, purples, pinks and greens.  The shell grows to over eight incheslong and can live well over fourty years.  Its flesh is edible and greatly valued by the Maori who use the shells as inlays in the eyes of their carvings.  Skin divers harvest the shell which has a heavy encrustations of marine growth and lime deposits.  This outer crust is removed to expose the shell’s full beauty in colour and lustre.  The finest shells are found off the coasts of Fiodland and Stewart Island in the far south of New Zealand.

Spiritually the paua resonate with beauty, healing, fortune, happiness, honesty, tranquility, intuition, psychic sight as well as inspiring the higher self and imagination. Connects to the crown, third eye and throat chakras and vibrationally can assist with immunity, GIT issues, heart, joint and muscle problems along with allergies and sensitivities.

(C) T. Georgitsis 2016







The Land of the Long White Cloud: Harbour to St Omer Park

Queenstown and its beauty. I absolutely adored the area and want to share a few of the highlights I experienced.

Queenstown Harbour:


The top of the harbour situated in Earnslaw Park contains a sculpture (far left) showing the flood levels during the two times it flooded the town:


The TSS Earnslaw steamship on its way out of the harbour:


St Omer Park where I took many a walk:


Lake Wakatipu has the purest water in the world outside Antarctica:


On an overcast day showing some of the remnants of old piers which are still used by swimmers:


All these trees were brought in and planted during the late 1800’s:


All photos taken by my iphone end of 2015 beginning of 2016 (C) T. Georgitsis.

The Land of the Long White Cloud: Stores with Spirit, South Island


Recently got back from a vacation in New Zealand which was quite breathtaking and full of adventure.  Whilst I am still going through the 1,000 photos taken to share some of my adventures, I thought I’d post about some retail places of personal interest I came across in the South (where I spent most of my time):

The Outpost

We actually came across this place when heading to a crystal shop and I was pulled to have a look.  One of the best retail suppliers of quality semi-precious stone jewellery I have ever seen.  All pieces are sourced by the owner and then cut and set by a local jeweller which keeps the prices down and the quality superb.


New Zealand’s oldest crystal shop and this was the only new age kind of store I could find in the area (they have a store in Queenstown). They get good quality Jade (Nephrite) and Paua (Shell) in tumbles/pieces as well as traditional and more modern set jewellery but I also found the quality of the other crystals they had were high grade.

Art and Craft Market

Only on saturdays and an absolute must for those who like hand made items direct from the artist themselves.

The jade carvers were especially of interest and I am a fan of Roger Cleghorn’s work as he sources the jade, argillite, bone and paua himself.


I came across an this great potter John Kalb who digs and processes the clay locally himself when then moulds it and fires it.  It was so nice to see hand thrown pottery in more colours than the standard brown or blue.


Lastly I love art especially modern style spray paint art and I came across Gwen Ash who does the most chic and contemporary paintings – the two I purchased resonated a modern Hekate and Sekhmet for me and I just loved the artists enthusiasm about her work.

Sprays and Threads


Lady of Praise, Lady of Power…the Aset Hymnal

Cant wait for this one…

Fiercely Bright One

aset hymnal cover by Andrew Meitz. Art by Barbara Richter.

The Aset Hymnal is almost complete!  I am almost done with four years worth of research, translating and other work involved with creating a book.  The book will be titled Lady of Praise, Lady of Power:  Ancient Hymns of the Goddess Aset. 

The book in question is a compilation of ancient hymns to the Goddess Aset from various temples and papyri.  I’ve translated much of the material from French and German, but other Egyptologists (or their publishers) have also graciously allowed me to include their work in this compilation.

The temple with the largest amount of material included is from the Temple of Philae with about 100 or so hymns.   Other hymns come from the Temples of Behbeit el Hagara (Isiopolis), Aswan, Esna and Edfu.  Other material included comes from the Book of the Dead, various Demotic papyri and various other sources.  Also…

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Sacred Mother Blessings Ceremony

(taken from my now defunct LJ)

I love being a Priestess….

Fascilitated B’s Belly Blessing this past weekend which is the first one I’ve ever done.

It was a lovely day and B and her fiance D were very pleased and loved my ritual.

Basic Belly Blessing Altar with items from nature guests brought along which B made into a dreamcatcher.

B Making her dreamcatcher.

Beaded necklace I made for B as part of ritual – I asked all guests to bring a bead in which symbolised B and explain to all assembled what it meant and how they met B

By the end of it the whole party was in tears and it was a very warm and loving circle.

B made this broach for me as a thank you.  She painted/drew the fairy inside which is one of her original designs and set the enamel herself which was one of her first.

baby bottle
I won this as one of the prizes in the baby shower game before the ritual – its a baby bottle filled with chocolate and condoms lols