Honouring My Ancestral Connection To The Sea

Someone asked me what people did to honour their connection to the sea and sea deities etc.

It reminded me that my father who was a deep sea diver and traveled all over the world (before he immigrated to Australia) used to offer to Poseidon or The Kaviria (Twin Sea Gods) to ensure a safe voyage and that he was not taken into the watery depths for eternity. The offerings were what they had on hand and were usually left overs like bread, olive oil, wine etc.

Some of my ancestors/akhu come from the island of Lemnos in Greece and had effigies of the Siren buried under their homes for protection and would throw offerings to them in the ocean as they were believed to be dark muses as well as the guides for Persephone (it was essential that she return to the land to ensure good prosperous crops so they left offerings to the muses as guides).

Many old homesteads which have been renovated or excavated in the last few decades on Lemnos have found Siren statues buried deep beneath their foundations. This was a way to show devotion to the Siren inland centuries ago.

I’ve continued working with the Siren in the same way (offerings into the ocean) and have a copy of the ancient ceramic icon of the Siren buried on my property. I also have a pendant of the Siren from a local jeweler in Mirina (capital city of Lemnos) which I got on my last visit to Greece and has been calling to me in recent weeks so I will start to wear it again as I am feeling the call of the Siren.

I also finding it quite interesting that Hekate as well as the Siren are known as guides to Persephone…there’s something in that for me personally…

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