FOI Timeline


This is my FOI Timeline

Joined FOI = 1st October 1999 (technically joined in 1998 via snail mail but it took a while for me to get my certification because it was all done by Olivia Robertson the co-founder in Ireland at the time)

Joined FOI Iseum of Hathor’s Mirror in 1999 (cant recall exact date because I didn’t write it down). I left within 6 months of joining due to misappropriate behaviour by priestess in training who ran coven.

Joined Iseum of the Flame in UK to complete correspondence course = November 2004

Joined Circle Of Isis =  5th December 2005

Joined Mother Lyceum Isis, Lotus of Alexandria = 28th March 2006

Attained Adept Degree = 11th May 2006

Founded Iseum of Heka = 23rd May 2006

Joined Iseum and House of Life <name ommitted for privacy> = 19th May 2006

Attained Diviner of the House of Life = 26th June 2006

Attained Magi Degree = 22nd November 2006

Attained Priestess Degree = 13th December 2008

Attained Heirophant Degree = 19th April 2009

Attained Solar Alchemy Degree = 19th April 2009

Founded Solar Iseum of Alchemy = 19th April 2009

Founded Lyceum of Heka = 19th April 2009

Inducted in The ArchPriesthood Union of the FOI Union Triad and made a ArchPriest within the FOI community = June/July 2015



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