People value something more if they have to pay for it



For years now, I have been reflecting on why people assume because you provide a service (reading, healing, teaching etc) that you’ll happily spend your time and energy giving them a service when they aren’t prepared to give any form of exchange for said service?

As a financial advisor are you expected to give free financial advice?  As an administrator are you expected to manage people’s personal affairs for free?  As a natural therapist are you expected to treat people for free?

I can tell you from my own perspective that the answer is a resounding NO!

I understand completely why my Great Aunt Irene refused to do anything for free and there was always an exchange of some kind if the person couldn’t pay with money or goods.  She would also never put herself out to help a client of hers if it was to her own detriment and would be rather blunt about it if people persisted. Great Aunt Irene was always busy in her practice as the local healer/magician and one of the few people in her village who never wanted for anything and its because of her strict personal boundaries and demand of equal energy exchange for her services.

Over the years I have taught classes, workshops, held lectures and taught one on one students in professional venues and in my own space utilising immense quantities of my own time and never charged a cent and I did this to further educate and help people.  What I have found was with the exception of the lectures, this was mostly taken for granted by the majority in attendance as they didn’t value it, due to it being offered free of charge.  I found I was being used up like a magickal compendium or magick 8 ball with little respect unless I charged something for it.  By charging I attracted more appreciative and hard working students who were willing to do the work and deviated those who wanted something for nothing.

In the end its absolutely true what my partner said to me once years ago “People value something more if they have to pay for it.”

That is one of the biggest spiritual growth lessons I have learned – to value myself and the knowledge I have worked hard to achieve through education, hard work and practice.

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