Tools: Making My Own

I have always preferred to make my own tools and items which I use in my daily magickal practice for several reasons.  First its not always easy to find what I am looking for to suit my specifications and secondly at times these items can be expensive.  I also feel its much more personally powerful when you spent time and energy making it yourself.

These days its much more easier to make your own tools of the trade (so to speak) using YouTube or on-line forums to guide you.  When I started, you could either do your research through books or through someone who was offering training through workshops or the like.

Luckily I have had the good fortune of being taught some of the basics through family or I have self taught through other means like observation or trial and error.  I have also attended various courses and workshops over the years (some being very useful whilst others were not).

I encourage all who walk the magickal path to try their hand at making their own tools and to keep trying if it doesnt work out the first time or two.  The benefits not only enrich your practice but also your skills.

Below are some examples of what I made which were a little bit challenging but worth the effort.  These were made in a day and for me it was a little tricky as the dream catcher would of been more intricate but the tiny knots were hard to do with my long fingernails.  It turned out OK nevertheless as it has special meaning for me because I made it and personalised it to my wants and needs.  The dream-catcher is made from suede, wooden beads and the feathers are crimson rosella, duck and raven.

The wand I made which embodies all the elements is made from copper, leather, suede, beads, crimson rosella feathers, shells, tektite and a lamurian/atlantean quartz.

All images (c) T. Georgitsis



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