Serving as her Priestess…

deipnon-september 2013

Its been years since I took up the devotional to Hekate who called me to serve her as Priestess.  I was going through a hard time which I feel now was the Dark Night of the Soul after my father’s death.  Hekate was the only one who came to me when I called out for assistance during this dark time as my patrons seamed to go silent.  She came to me as the Light Bearer and Queen of the Crossroads and illuminated which path I was to take in ritual and meditation.   I was never overwhelmed by her calling me to service as I had worked with her numerous times before so I did as she asked and chose to honor her.

The more I worked with her the more I honored myself and that is one of the most valuable lessons I learned.

Io Hekate!

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