Astrology Musings


I caught up with an old friend a while back who used to be an astrologer (and got most of the way through her astrology degree) and who is now a psychologist. She’s doesn’t really believe in astrology anymore as she once did. She did say that for some it has psychologically beneficial significance but it can be detrimental as well, as it can excuse certain behavior traits found in the general consumption type of astrology out there (ie like all Leo’s are attention seeking egotistical people etc).

I do agree with her in part – the astrological information given in the mass produced horoscopes in newspapers, tv, internet and magazines can be filled with generalizations, which give some people the reason to project their hopes in what is written or excuse certain behavior.

With this said I do feel that astrology in some aspects – such as determining your natal chart and figuring out what planets reside in which houses, can give insight on an individuals traits.  This can then be used to their benefit or better themselves, as they can focus on what their weaknesses or strengths are and work with or on it.


3 comments on “Astrology Musings

  1. I think it’s such a waste that your friend does not believe in astrology anymore. Carl Jung, a famous psychologist is known to consult astrology charts to gain more insight into his patients’ minds. I am an astrologer currently studying psychology and I think the two subjects are a beautiful combination. Very enriching too.

  2. It’s funny, for years I saw myself as the quintessential Pisces – every reading I had seemed to fit me perfectly. Then, i had my Vedic chart done, and found out I was Aquarius. Totally different thing! I could relate to that chart too, though. So for me, as you suggest, it’s about understanding the value of astrology and planetary aspects to give us self-insight and work with cosmic elements. But I’ve learned not to become too invested in my sign and chart as determining my identity.

    I will always love astrology! 🙂 Thanks, Aleya

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