Knowing Hekate: A coloring book by Sara Croft


This is the one of the best spiritual/magickal coloring books I have come across and I highly recommend it. The artist shares with us her talent of capturing Hekate’s spirit whilst allowing us to fill in what colors we resonate with, thus allowing us to give our own flavor to her image. I have always wanted to find a coloring book which I connected with and spread a little magick my way whilst honoring a Goddess I very much respect. Like the title suggests its dedicated to Hekate with some incredible images for you to color. These images are accompanied with concise information about Hekate which creates a wonderful devotional aspect to the book and teaches you about Hekate whilst you color. Combining creative with informative, this is a great coloring book for a novice or master and I would recommend it for all devotees as well as those who have no knowledge of this limitless Goddess. I loved this book so much I ended up getting copies not only my nieces, nephews and godchildren but also gifts for my friends whom loved the whole vibe of the book.

Chakra Stones

When I was a crystologist I created my own Chakra Stones, taken from much time spent working as a Reiki Master and becoming well versed with crystal healing.  I picked out flat and rounded crystals/stones which resonated with each chakra and could be used safely, effectively and charged them with that purpose.

What are Chakra Stones for?

Chakra stones are used to clean your aura and purify the energies in your subtle bodies.  They can also be used in conjunction with vibrational healing such as Reiki.  The way they are used is by placing them on or near where the chakras are on the physical body.

How to make your own Chakra Stones

Pick one stone for each of the seven major chakras:

Crown – white or purple such as clear quartz and amethyst.

Third Eye – blue or purple such as lapis and charoite.

Throat – blue such as sodalite.

Heart – pink or green such as rose quartz and malachite.

Solar Plexus – yellow such as citrine or calcite.

Navel – orange such as carnelian or amber.

Base – brown or red such as jasper and garnet.

Some like to add extra chakra stones above and below the body – one for above the head (soul star chakra to elevate the energy) such as selenite and one for under the feet (earth star chakra to ground the energy) such as tourmaline.   Also some will add another stone for the “higher heart” chakra (which is located between the throat and the heart chakra) such as watermelon tourmaline to be able to connect the intellectual to the emotional bodies.

My advice is to play around with colors and vibrations of crystals with each chakra and come up with your own set.  This way its personalized and you develop a relationship with the crystals you are using.

Here is a list I created for those interested in Kemetism (Ancient Egypt) which you can use to assist you in selecting the stones you want for your chakra kit:   Ancient Egyptian Stones


This is the end result of my personal pack:



(C) T. Georgitsis 2016

Who said a Asetian cant work with Seth?


Interesting thing happened to me whilst conducting the rites to Set on his birthday several years back.  I had a feeling something NQR was going on in the magickal sense and then was made painfully aware that I had been sent a hex by someone I thought was a friend.  What had happened is that I had unknowingly offended/disrespected them (which in hindsight was their personal projection and had nothing to do with me) and their retaliation was to hex me, instead of speaking to me directly so we could sort things out (unknown to me at the time, it was their MO and I didn’t know because I hadn’t had this friendship for very long) but I digress…

When I was making the offerings to Set, I sent out a prayer for him to help me and I ended up making this “unique” incense blend to him which I burned. The ceramic incense burner got very hot causing the handle to snap and filling the house with thick incense smoke, yet the fire alarm didn’t go off (we tested it afterwards and it worked so its not as if the smoke alarm didn’t work). As soon as the scent hit me I had a vision which revealed what had happened (and I was spot on with my instinct) and then I fell into a trance and recited and completed Heka accompanied by ritualistic gestures. When I was done and snapped out of the trance I asked Set if it worked and then I heard thunderclaps in the distance.  Shortly afterwards, I found out that the person who tried to hex me had some really bad stuff happen to them which caused them to have a break and they fell into a physical and emotional heap for weeks/months and without prodding they ended up apologizing to me before leaving the scene completely.

I’d never done anything like that with Set before.  Of course I thanked him profusely and the vibe I got from him was that he helped because even though I am a daughter of A’set I always offer to him on his holy days and he likes that respect.

Lesson here?  Always respect the names and it pays being a well practiced sau hekau 😉

The Alternative Spirit (Issue 10): Regular Hekate Column – Hekate In the Home

In this issue of of The Alternative Spirit Magazine, I have written on Hekate and how you can connect to her in the home.  This includes a Hekate shrine dedication for the home and how to use the Athenian Calendar (also known as the Attic Calendar) to honor her and her practice in the Southern Hemisphere. You can purchase your copy here:


Kemetic New Year: A Basic Ritual


The Kemetic New Year also known as Wep Ronpet happens this year on the 3/8/2016.

Here is a simple ritual you can do to honor this celebration:

Open the temple or create sacred space in usual manner.

At dawn, bring out all icons to be kissed by the rays of Ra and with cleanse with natron and anoint with oil. 

This is done to ensure icon is charged and purified.

Cut off an image of Apep’s head and throw it away or trample on it outside then dispose of the remains away from the home.

This is done because destroying the image parallel’s the “turning the dangers of the year” at which Sekhmet presides.

Mark on a red clay pot, something to symbolize all the things you want to be rid of, such as anxiety, hate, impatience etc – as long as it’s personal to you and not something that belongs to another, or another person themselves then smash the pot and/or burn it.

This is done to announce to Netjer that you rid yourself of negativity, bad habits etc before the turning of the New Year.

Take an amulet which you have made or which you have put aside for the specific purposes of the upcoming year and charge it and purify it with natron on the shrine.

This is done as a protection mechanism and to symbolize the promise of good things to come in the New Year.

End the ritual with making special offerings to your Akhu.

The offerings to your Akhu is done to show respect and adoration to those whom came before you and in a sign of acknowledging and venerating your ancestors.

Close the temple and sacred space in usual manner.


(C) T. Georgitsis