Who said a Asetian cant work with Seth?


Interesting thing happened to me whilst conducting the rites to Set on his birthday several years back.  I had a feeling something NQR was going on in the magickal sense and then was made painfully aware that I had been sent a hex by someone I thought was a friend.  What had happened is that I had unknowingly offended/disrespected them (which in hindsight was their personal projection and had nothing to do with me) and their retaliation was to hex me, instead of speaking to me directly so we could sort things out (unknown to me at the time, it was their MO and I didn’t know because I hadn’t had this friendship for very long) but I digress…

When I was making the offerings to Set, I sent out a prayer for him to help me and I ended up making this “unique” incense blend to him which I burned. The ceramic incense burner got very hot causing the handle to snap and filling the house with thick incense smoke, yet the fire alarm didn’t go off (we tested it afterwards and it worked so its not as if the smoke alarm didn’t work). As soon as the scent hit me I had a vision which revealed what had happened (and I was spot on with my instinct) and then I fell into a trance and recited and completed Heka accompanied by ritualistic gestures. When I was done and snapped out of the trance I asked Set if it worked and then I heard thunderclaps in the distance.  Shortly afterwards, I found out that the person who tried to hex me had some really bad stuff happen to them which caused them to have a break and they fell into a physical and emotional heap for weeks/months and without prodding they ended up apologizing to me before leaving the scene completely.

I’d never done anything like that with Set before.  Of course I thanked him profusely and the vibe I got from him was that he helped because even though I am a daughter of A’set I always offer to him on his holy days and he likes that respect.

Lesson here?  Always respect the names and it pays being a well practiced sau hekau 😉

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