A’set – UPG Confirmed


A few years back I wrote a basic article about A’set, Mistress of Magic.

I found it personally quite difficult as I reached 2,000 words (which was over the 900-1500 word count) and I feel I barely covered her so vast are her mysteries…but I digress….

Two things which stood out with my in-depth personal research confirmed a few UPG (unverified personal gnosis)  I have always had.

1. Cutting off all long hair in act of mourning/grief/frustration/rebellion IMHO does dissipate magic from the practitioner – I have always seen that cutting one’s long hair off all at once can affect the magician as I have personally found this to be the case from observation and personal experience.


2. Crossroads and things placed in the middle of them isn’t something only found with the Goddess Hekate but also with Isis.

(C) T. Georgitsis 2016

2 comments on “A’set – UPG Confirmed

  1. Just another reason to refrain from cutting my hair back to short. I’ve been only trimming it for about 6 years now. It’s getting pretty long, I can even do the Catherine Zeta Jones no top thing from Zorro – which has long been a goal of mine haha

  2. This is why I have often questioned if I was a daughter of Aset as I have had short hair since before being divined a Shemsu and daughter of Aset and it never affected me. But your UPG #1 seems to be a common theme amongst other daughters of Aset.

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