Closing the Lodge: Semper Fidelis

My Lodge of the Southern Cross which I have been a member from 2005 – 2016 has now closed.

I worked with and prayed in Lodge as “Great Architect of the Universe” and when I was initiated I used the Ancient Egyptian Prayer Book as my “book of law” which my mentor opened to the “Prayer of Ptah” with the bible underneath it (we had to have a book from the 3 main faiths: a bible, koran or talmud).


I joined the Co-Masons for fraternity and mystery school knowledge and what I gained was theosophical allegory and charity work.

It was an interesting experience to join this brotherhood with a long history steeped in ritual and brotherly goodwill.

Semper Fidelis Lodge of the Southern Cross!

For more information of Co-Masonry see here:

Freemasonry For Men and Women

(C) T. Georgitsis 2016


2 comments on “Closing the Lodge: Semper Fidelis

  1. Lack of members or what made the decision to close the lodge? Too bad, since mixed gender Freemasonry is not that big in Australia to begin with.

    • Lack of members is what it came down to – they could done things to keep the lodge going but some are stuck in old fashioned ways and would rather fall on their own sword than change.

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