Basic Spell & Spellcrafting 101

Just updated this post as I have been getting lots of requests of late asking me about spells and the associated craft…



Spellcraft is the active ability to create and work spells.  A spell is a combination of words used as a magical charm or incantation which can be used with specific items which resonate with the intent of the spell.

Before attempting a spell here are some things you need to pay attention to:

  • Create a clear thought-out plan of the spell which should be prepared with the exact words used to be written down or memorised;
  • The steps involved in a spell should be gone over before you attempt the spell to ensure it flows smoothly;
  • Sacred space should be prepared before commencing the spell as this is important for mood setting and protection;
  • People tend to contact you when you are conducting magic as they can sometimes feel the subtle energies evoked and want a piece of it, therefore with this said – don’t answer the door and the…

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