Sandalwood: Spell for Setting Self Worth

Aids:  Protection, devotion, purification and consecration.

Chakra: Third Eye & Root Chakra.

Element: Water

Number: 1

Planet: Moon

Purpose: Divine direction and self worth.

Star Sign: Cancer

Tarot Card:  The Magician

Spell work: Take a piece of jewellery that makes you feel good.  Anoint it with sandalwood oil or pass it through the smoke of sandalwood incense whilst saying:  

“I am Worthy

I am Light

I am Darkness

I am Might


I am Balanced

I am Whole

I am Evolving

I am Soul”

Keep it with you to invoke self worth.

(c) T. Georgitsis 2018


Sam R Geraghty

circe_ulysse_bruegel_ancien.jpg Pieter Bruegel

On the edge of what we know,

a silhouette stands against the moon-crazed sky…

She spares none, dark daughter of the Sun

and needs no more to ponder the end

for she is already there.

No veil attends her mystery,

no man knows where the darkness sets

nor where the dawn thus will rise

yet here, is not far.

kirke400.jpg The Dread Goddess

As the smoke of her fires raise high,

her beasts drool

dumbstruck to the whim of the sorceress

dumbfounded and tame, she will treat men the same,

the hetaerean’s fame now guides the hawk

whose circling movements mock the trap;

tightened is the charmer’s noose

around the lost and wandering souls of Illium’s war

who’d set sail for home, to a home no more…

soon to be cast to a sty with a swift wand’s work

from skin and speech to bristle and grunt –


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Lapel Pin/Brooch: Spell For Manifesting Within

Aids: Manifestation of wants and needs.

Purpose: Spiritual armour of self sufficiency.

Spell work:  Take brand new lapel pin or broach which symbolises what you want to bring into your life.  The example I have included above is for Bast who is a symbol of the protectress in the Ancient Egyptian pantheon. Tie a red string on the back of the lapel pin/broach and place before you. Whilst pulling the string towards you repeat the following to activate it:

“Bring you forward,
bring you near –
Bring you within me,
manifestation of
(name what you want) appear.”


(c) T. Georgitsis 2018

Travellers Amulet: Spell For Safe Travel

AKA: Amulet Stone, Star Agate or Thunder Egg.

Aids: Protection, luck, vitality and stress relief (also good for depression and anxiety).

Chakra: Base and Heart.

Element: Earth.

Number: 3

Planet: Earth & Mercury.

Purpose: Strengthens protection by forming a bubble sheild around person.

Star Sign: Aquarius. 

Tarot Card: The Empress.

Spell work: Take a amulet stone and place it in your left palm whilst using your right palm to enclose it within your hands.  Charge and bless it by repeating the following:

“Hermes keep me safe along my travels,
Move me effortlessly and keep me protected.
Ensure any ills towards me unravels,
That any banes against me are redirected.”

Keep it with you when travelling.

(c) T. Georgitsis 2018