Sam R Geraghty

circe_ulysse_bruegel_ancien.jpg Pieter Bruegel

On the edge of what we know,

a silhouette stands against the moon-crazed sky…

She spares none, dark daughter of the Sun

and needs no more to ponder the end

for she is already there.

No veil attends her mystery,

no man knows where the darkness sets

nor where the dawn thus will rise

yet here, is not far.

kirke400.jpg The Dread Goddess

As the smoke of her fires raise high,

her beasts drool

dumbstruck to the whim of the sorceress

dumbfounded and tame, she will treat men the same,

the hetaerean’s fame now guides the hawk

whose circling movements mock the trap;

tightened is the charmer’s noose

around the lost and wandering souls of Illium’s war

who’d set sail for home, to a home no more…

soon to be cast to a sty with a swift wand’s work

from skin and speech to bristle and grunt –


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