Solstice Inspiration

As a kemetic I follow the Wandering Goddess leaving the southern hemisphere and going up north…



Today on Summer Solstice we celebrate the Wandering Goddess!

As part of this celebration I set out offerings to her, Sekhmet in my case, and lit incense for her. I was inspired to write a bit in celebration of today that can be used throughout the year for whenever you need it. The basis of this comes from a message from Sekhmet when I first began to work as a priest. Also will be posting this on my blog.  Enjoy!

“When you are afraid, wear my flowers,
When you are unclean, wear my scent,
When you are troubled, hold to my shrine,
When darkness would take you,
Raise your voice to me and I will fill you with light.”

Let us break this down into the four instructions

“When you are afraid, wear my flowers”

This can be seen as using flowers offered to Sekhmet as accessories. It can also…

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