Blue Moon

What is a Blue Moon?

A Blue moon is a full moon which happens to be the second full moon in a calender month.  This is a rare occurrence and thus known as a blue moon as it has nothing to do with the colour of the moon.

What can you do on a Blue Moon?

  1. Boost all spellworkings.
  2. Super charge commitments or oaths made.
  3. Conduct rituals which require a lot of mental and or physical effort.
  4. Heighten magick which focuses on crossroads or apex’s in one’s life or journey.
  5. Great time to clear the slate for new beginnings.
  6. Focus on intent of a positive and productive nature.


When is the next Blue Moon?

Is on 30th November 2020 and is a full moon.

(C) Image and Text T. Georgitsis 2020


4 comments on “Blue Moon

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  2. Hi Tina

    Would you like me to combine your Moon postings into an article for Mystic Tribe Magazine this Month??

    Blessings Lynn 💫💖

    Get Outlook for Android


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