Hellenic Hekate Ritual: Self Dedication to Hekate

Self dedication to Deity has been constant since the beginning of acts of worship and veneration of the Gods.  In the modern world many practitioners self-initiate if choosing to work alone and/or to strengthen their devotion to a specific God.

In Ancient Greece the mythology of Medea shows she was a dedicated Priestess to Hekate.   Although much is not known with respects to how or why she dedicated herself to Hekate (some make connections to her as the Daughter of Hekate), she was as a strong willed and capable woman of power, who gained and possessed the knowledge to work with Hekate and honour her.

Similarly, Circe who is considered Medea’s niece or aunt in Ancient Greek mythology, as well as a daughter of the Gods (like Medea some make connections to her as the Daughter of Hekate), she was also a dedicant to Hekate and was known to be a very powerful sorceress in her own right dedicated to Hekate.

You can add Queen Hekabe, Gale and/or Galinthias who were transformed into animals and adopted by Hekate and turned into her familiars.


It’s quite common for witches, magicians and reconstructionists to dedicate themselves to Hekate as Goddess of Witchcraft, Magic, Moon, Night, Necromacy and Ghosts.

I have previously shared how to dedicate yourself to Hekate using a witchcraft inspired ritual I wrote: Hekate Self Initiation  but I have also created a simple, yet effective method of dedicating yourself to Hekate with a Hellenic influence which I have shared below:

Hellenic Hekate Self Dedication Ritual © Setjataset 2020


Chose a liminal time and place for the ritual to be set.

Purify body by showering or washing head, hands and feet.

Clean and purify your shrine and all items which will be placed on the shrine.

Your shrine items should include: purified water/khernips, barley seeds, asperging herbs (small bundle purifying herbs such as bay leaves), oil lamp/candle, resin incense and incense holder (such as heatproof bowl) and an image of Hekate.

Your offering items which can include perishable and non perishable items.

Create a Dedication of Purpose of Dedicant.  This dedication should include the reason for devoting yourself to Hekate and what you will be doing to Honour Hekate ie perform regular magick and ritual in her name, observe her sacred times and holidays and learn more about her and/or share that knowledge.


Wash your hands in khernips/purified water before standing before your shrine, whilst saying:

Αφήστε όλα αυτά που είναι βλαβερά να φύγουν! (Let all that is profane be gone!)

Present the offerings to Hekate by holding them up in a gesture of oblation and place them on the shrine. You do not need to speak to do this but may say a few words as a statement of purpose if you are inspired.

Take your asperging herbs and dip into khernips/purified water and flick water onto the shrine.

Take a handful of barley and throw them onto the shrine.

When complete say:

Xerniptosai! (Be Purified!)

Light the oil lamp/candle.

Light the incense.


Evoke Hekate with a favourite hymn or write one in her name.

Touch your forehead, lips, heart and tap the shrine – repeat 3 times.

Praxis (Working Proper)

Read out your Dedication of Purpose of Dedicant..

Petition of Promise

Read out this Petition of Promise:

Hekate I call to you

That I may serve as your committed dedicant 

Whose devotions are made in your name

Hekate I call to you

Bless me as I walk your path

Remove obstacles which may hinder in this task

Hekate I call to you

With faith and active determination 

May you dwell in my heart and soul

Thanks and Closing

Thank Hekate by saying:

Hekate, in your name I have devoted myself to you.  

In your name, may the way open for me to be your dedicant. 

Blow out candles and put out incense.

Step away from the shrine by backing away, turning to the right and leaving without looking back.

Ritual is now complete and any feasting can take place.



(C) T. Georgitsis 2020

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