Hekate Magick:Working from Home

In Victoria, Australia we are currently in Stage 4 lockdown due to the pandemic, which means we can’t leave the house (unless your are an essential worker or its for medical, caretaking or limited exercise) and therefore those of us who can – are working from home.

Hekate is well known as a Goddess of the hearth and home and many of her devotees have shrines dedicated to her in their homes.  Therefore it is quite appropriate to venerate and honour her moreso whilst you are working from home.

Personally I have felt many more benefits when it comes to honouring the Gods and working with them in plain sight whilst I am working from home.  Some of the added benefits I have discovered include active practice whilst being productive during working hours.  To help those of you who would like to increase your practice whilst at home when it comes to Hekate (or any other God/dess) I have come up with 13 things you can do which I have listed below.

13 Things for Hekate whilst working from home:

  1. Burn incense.
  2. Burn aromatherapy oils.
  3. Perform a midday devotional.
  4. Eat more holistically, actively putting mindful vibrational energies into your food whilst preparing it and then eating it slowly, savouring each bite as a blessing.
  5. Listen to witchy music and podcasts out loud.
  6. Use any breaks for magic or spiritual work such as reading a chapter from a Hekate book you have been wanting to read or giving yourself a quick reading or healing.
  7. Your working desk can be covered in crystals, tarot cards, Goddess statues, bones etc – things which resonate with the energies and remind you of Hekate.
  8. You can surround yourself with Hekate centric art which you can focus on when you need to give your eyes a break from computer work to prevent eye strain.
  9. Journaling or note taking for deeper development at a later time.  If something comes to you such as an idea for a devotional act in Hekate’s name such as a spell, chant, hymn, ritual or some volunteering or support work which can be done from home you have the freedom to pause and focus on that.
  10. Hekate’s gardening during breaks – use your breaks to maintain, admire or surround yourself with your herbs, flowers or trees.  You can also use this time to start to plant a Hekate garden which can be something as small as a herb on a windowsill.
  11. You can make herbal teas or juices in honour of Hekate to sip on whilst you work.
  12. Sing, chant, dance and sway as a way to move your body when you need to get up to prevent RSI, back-pain or workplace fatigue.
  13. If you havent done it already a Hekate shrine can be set up near or on your workspace or you can maintain the one you currently have.

I am sure there are other things you can do to honour Hekate whilst working from home, which doest take away from the work you need to complete, which can create a deeper connection to her and her devotion.  So my advice is – use this time wisely and don’t waste the opportunity.

With the above said, you can also simply chose to do nothing of the above except contemplate or think upon the nature of Hekate and how you feel about her or her role in your life and in the world generally.

Whatever you choose to do during this time be kind and gentle to yourself and those around you. This is a unique time for us, which is full of emotions and stress and which should be taken care of, instead of projected in unhealthy ways (whether it be towards yourself or others).

(C) T. Georgitsis  2020

Black Moon to Hekate

A Black Moon occurs when there are two New Moons in a month or it can also be the third New Moon in an astronomical season with four New Moons.

This month’s Black moon is a third New Moon in an astronomical season with four New Moons.

In the Northern Hemisphere there is a Black Moon on the 18th of August.

In the Southern Hemisphere there is a Black Moon on the 19th of August.

This kind of event happens every few years and the type of focus for this moon is magickal workings which are more potent during this time.

Focus on renewals, beginnings, manifestation of desires and foundation of intent for future endeavours, which first must come through letting go and clearing/cleansing during the Dark Moon, 2-3 days prior to the New Moon (15th – 17th August in Northern Hemisphere and 16th – 18th August in Southern Hemisphere).

Since the Black Moon falls on Deipnon and Noumenia, this is the perfect time for honouring and working with Hekate.

Following are some steps you can engage in when working with Hekate and the Black Moon coming up:

Dark Moon – Deipnon Work

  1. Remove – obstacles, both mental and physical which have been hindering you.  This can be done via banishing magick.
  2. Cleanse – energy by completely cleaning and neutralising your space and yourself.  This can be achieved through clearing magick.
  3. Offer – an evening meal, such as a specifically prepared supper to honour Hekate and The Restless Dead (leave in front of your home’s external entryway door if you cant find am close or accessible  crossroad).
  4. Divine – give yourself a reading (bonus points for using a strophalos/Hekate’s Wheels for trance work).

New Moon – Noumenia Work

  1. Project – intentions of what you want to bring into your life.
  2. Create – possibilities for manifestation of desire which can be done through ritualised action such as a spell, devotional, making of art, dance etc.
  3. Devote – yourself to Hekate and her causes which can be intangible such as time, energy, knowledge or assistance.
  4. Purpose – of intention which can be set for the coming season and can assist in helping your focus on what you want to achieve.

Since this is a rare time astrologically speaking and doesn’t come around often – I would use this time wisely and harness the magical energy available to you in order to serve Hekate along with what you want to achieve for your own wellbeing body, mind, spirit and emotion wise.


(C) T. Georgitsis 2020

WepRonpet and the Epagomenial Days 2020 (Australia)

Last week I noticed the change of the season.  The plum trees are beginning to blossom and the sunlight is lingering a little bit longer as the days stretch out with ever growing warmth.

Many in the southern hemisphere honoured Brigid for Imbolc, however for me, I observed and practiced the Kemetic tradition of the Epagomenal days (last days of the year) and Wep Ronpet (Ancient Egyptian New Year).

Unlike in previous years where I would go out and carefully select and purchase specific offerings for the Gods, this year due to Stage 4 restrictions and choosing to self-isolate during this pandemic, I gave what I had from my personal stores which I felt resonated with the Gods.

For A’set – my matron, I revamped her shrines and offered her incense and a newly built greenhouse where I will plant the seeds for the coming Spring and Summer.

For Osiris I offered incense and home made banana bread.

For Set I offered cranberry and raspberry tea and incense.

For Nephtys I offered black coffee and incense.

For Djehiti I offered fresh fruit and incense.

For Sekhmet I offered incense, candles, mandarines and various crystals such as a lapis pendant and slabs of amethyst, still bite & apolphilite and pyrite.

I participated in various rites and heka daily during the Epagomenal days and Wep Ronpet – the most significant being the Sekhmet and A’set rituals where I felt the overwhelming energy of the rites course through me, the shrines and the house (where my newly adopted kittens would sit in sphinx pose observing me, when they are usually bouncing off the walls during that time of day/night).

Its quite apt that the God of the year which was divined during the A’set Oracle is Sekhmet – after all she is the Goddess of Pestilence and Plagues.  Many years ago I wrote a Tamerian style invocation hymn in her name, to be used when calling to her to aid you in Heka, which she has dominion over.  Although I have evolved from this style of writing, I feel it still resonates with the intent it was written – for which can be used and especially moreso during this time in our history.  Here is the invocation to Sekhmet I wrote way back when I was studying natural medicine:

SEKHMET INVOCATION © T. Georgitsis 2003

Lady of Flame

Whose power is in thy name

Aid us this night

With your presence and might

Ruler of the White Hot Sun

This rite’s magic has now begun

Great One of Magic

Banish anything that’s harmful and tragic

Goddess of Pestilence and Wars

Help us heal our emotional sores

Mother in the Horizon of Heaven

Death to negative energies and their brethren

Queen of the Wastelands

We leave our past failures disposals in your hands

Destroyer of Rebellions, those against you quake with fear

Help us to move forward and put our future into positive gear

Protectress we ask our idleness and weakness for you to destroy

As strength, wisdom and health we seek to employ,

Powerful Great Defender

Shield us from past, present and future pretender

Mistress of the Scorching Eye of Ra

Cleanse us from evil near and far

Most divine and greatest of healing

Preserve us from physical ailments and ill feeling

Keeper of the universal and karmic lore

Help us accept the past is gone and dwells no more

You are she who is pure and sacred – most holy one

Make sure all curses sent our way are smothered and undone

Lady whose enemies bend at your will

We will persevere and survive with your added skill

We call you forth to aid us in our plight

As we come to you in love and understanding – not fright

Over the years I have honoured and venerated Sekhmet along with my two other Fellowship of Isis Lyceum patrons A’set and Hekate.   I have even ended a devotional in Sekhmet’s name along with teaching workshops on her and healing modality Sekhem Sekhmet.

For more information on Sekhmet and the devotional I edited in her name you can find on Amazon, go here:


This is an interview I did with respects to Sekhmet with Reality Sandwich which talks about my deep connection to Her:

Emergence of Sekhmet: Twelve Interviews

The complete and unedited interview can be found here:

Sekhmet Interview

For me, it being the year of Sekhmet nothing changes, for as I will continue to venerate Sekhmet (along with A’set and Hekate). I just hope and pray that She is appeased and that this pandemic fades into history as quickly as it entered.

(C) T. Georgitsis 2020


Mystic Tribe Magazine: August 2020, Issue #33

I have taken the month off my regular column on crystals, to share an article on Isis (aka A’set) the Mistress of Magick in the latest issue of Mystic Tribe Magazine.  In this article I have written on who Isis is and how she became the Mistress of Magick as well as a simple invocation and ritual to Her in this aspect.  For your FREE copy follow this link:

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