The Cardinal Points and Hekate

A Greek Wind Rose is a classical compass which was used in the Mediterranean by the Hellenics and Romans.  The Greek Wind Rose typically shows the points of orientation, directions and the names of the winds.  The Classical Wind Rose is the Greek Wind Rose as shown below:


The philosopher Aristotle in his Meteorology (c 340 BCE) created the 12 wind system which is seen below. 8 are principle winds: Aparctias (N), Caecias (NE), Apeliotes (E), Eurus (SE), Notos (S), Lips (SW), Zephyrus ( W ) and Argestes (NW) and two are half winds: Thrascias (NNW) and Meses (NNE).  Aristotle made an addition with the Phoenicias wind for the SSE but didn’t suggest any for the SSW.

Aristotle’s wind rose (correspondence to modern compass directions)

North (N) Aparctias (ἀπαρκτίας)
(variant Boreas (βoρέας))
the top meridian
North-Northeast (NNE) Meses (μέσης) the polar “rise”
Northeast (NE) Caecias (καικίας) the summer sunrise
East (E) Apeliotes (ἀπηλιώτης) the equinox sunrise
Southeast (SE) Eurus (εὖρος)
(variant Euronoti (εὐρόνοτοι))
the winter sunrise
South-Southeast (SSE) No wind
(except local Phoenicias (φοινικίας)
South (S) Notos (νότος) the bottom meridian.
South-Southwest (SSW) No wind
Southwest (SW) Lips (λίψ) the winter sunset
West ( W ) Zephyrus (ζέφυρος) the equinox sunset
Northwest (NW) Argestes (ἀργέστης)(Variants: Olympias(ὀλυμπίας),
Sciron (σκίρων)
the summer sunset.
North-Northwest (NNW) Thrascias (θρασκίας) the polar “set”

For those of you who like to work with Hellenic or Roman gods you can create sacred space similar to the wiccan circle cast using the Greek Wind Rose especially if you don’t have a shrine or temple space.  This is ideal for setting up temporary spaces whether they be in a private or public area as they can be established and disassembled at you own whim and need.  You can include the main cardinal points North – South – East or West or if so inclined, include all the other mid cardinal points such as North West etc.

When I was practicing wicca in the Elphame tradition the quarters had elemental witches who would call upon the elements allocated to North, South, East and West by using their wind names:

North and element of Earth: Boreas (βoρέας)

*South and element of Fire: Notos (νότος)

East and element of Air: Eurus (εὖρος)

West and element of Water: Zephyrus (ζέφυρος)

As someone who works with Hekate, I have found when casting circle in this fashion, instead of using elemental names, you can call in the quarters utilising the epithets of Hekate.  In this way you can use epithets which resonate with you and how you allocate meaning and connection to the elements.

I have shown an example below, please note your milage may vary.  The following is an example of a standard deosil (clockwise) elemental affiliation to some of Hekate’s epitaphs you could potentially use with your magick with Hekate.

Air: Hekate Angelos

Fire: Hekate Brimo

Earth:  Hekate Khthonia

Water: Hekate Einalian

For further information on Hekate’s epithets I would strongly recommend reading Sara Neheti Croft’s blog on Hekate’s Many Names

Regardless of which epithets you choose to help you call in the quarters with Hekate’s aid, my advice is get to know the epithets of Hekete you are working with first and foremost.  Develop a relationship with them and see if calling them in this aspect will work for you.  If not, move on as there is no use in working with a title or aspect of Hekate which simply doesn’t resonate with you.  If it works – great!  Further develop this connection and keep working with Her to deepen and strengthen it.

Magick isn’t stagnant and your practice doesn’t have to be either.  Your practice can evolve over time or it can also simplify over time.  Therefore the main tip I have for this kind of work is to practice, practice and practice!  Take note of what you are doing and do it with respect to Hekate and to yourself and be devoted as nothing of value has been gained without doing the work.

*in hindsight I feel this information shared by the HPS at the time was incorrect as the use of Apeliotes (ἀπηλιώτης) for South would have been more prudent to align with the correct Greek Wind Rose as Notos aligns with the South East.

(C) T. Georgitsis 2020

3 comments on “The Cardinal Points and Hekate

  1. TY. I’ve been doing some research on ritual magic and since Hekate is the only goddess I work with, I’m primarily an animalistic shaman, I was having a hard time figuring out what other gods which I don’t work with to use at the different cardinal points. Using different aspects of Hekate solves that problem.

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