Hekate: How to create a ritual to Hekate

We are coming towards the end of the Gregorian year and as such rituals are enacted all around us in various ways. These are created to commemorate religious events such as Solstice, Christmas, Hanukah and Kwanza (just to name a few), to observe the passing of time such as the New Year or the changing seasons, to celebrate the completion of goals attained such as graduations or just to simply connect to loved ones during some of the aforementioned revelry. But in reality, we perform rituals regularly to connect to a part of our psyche who likes to commemorate significant times in our lives, whether they be internal or external manifestations.

Rituals are a form of magic and creating rituals can be personal or public and can be as simple or elaborate as you want them to be. Let’s work through some of the basics in ritual and the things you need to cover to successfully complete a ritual.

What is Ritual?

A ritual is a ceremony in which a number of actions are enacted in a set of ordered steps which may be religious or ceremonial in nature.

Why do Ritual?

Rituals have benefits as they are extremely effective when you engage in an act which will bring you benefits (psychologically or physically). Rituals have benefits as they are extremely effective when you engage in an act which will bring you benefits (psychologically or physically) whether they be religious or secular in nature.

Steps in Ritual

A ritual can be broken down into the following:


You have to know and have a clear vision of what your ritual is going to be about and therefore what your intent is (ie what you want the outcome to be).


You need to hold your ritual somewhere e.g. room, yard, park etc. as you need a place to work.


Banish all previous energies to make the area neutral. You also need to banish all the negative energies within yourself to properly prepare you for ritual. If this isn’t done the energies can affect you in a negative way. After you clear the space its ready to be used for ritual purposes.

Sacred Space

Make the space sacred. This can be done by jumping the hedge, circle casting or opening the temple room in a ritualistic fashion. Summon the energies which are appropriate, center it and call in assistance and blessings.


Create magic, however it might look – spells, heka, chanting, singing, poetry, gifts, blessings or simply share thanks and love with those gathered or yourself.


In order for the creation of magic to manifest we need offer something, given freely and without hurt to God/ Goddess/Spirits/Ancestors/ Participants) such as words or physical items.


Close the sacred space. This can be done by winding up the circle (close), rejumping the hedge, closing the temple room and bidding farewell and banishing energies summoned.


Now the outcome will manifest either instantly or in due course, depending on the ritual. One of the simplest rituals I have personally created and completed is my self-initiation and dedication to Hekate. Whatever ritual you personally create, ensure you do your prep and follow through and you’ll be set for a successful ritual.

For further reading here are some rituals I have created in Hekate’s name for you to try out:


Hekate Self Initiation: Witchcraft Style


Hekate Self Dedication Ritual: Hellenic Style


(C) T. Georgitsis 2020

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