Special Moons of 2022

Moon magick is a practice I strongly resonate with. I love to create and venerate with the various phases of moon.  I love to engage in the moon’s ebbs and flows where I can move with the energies and enact rites with and for my Gods and Ancestors.  Regardless of what path I practice, regardless of what sorcery I perform, the moon is my guide through it all – a guiding presence for my workings.

This year we have various unique moons coming up where you can practice your full and new moon rituals and spell-work with added punch due to the added significance of these moons.  There are different types of magick you can create during these various significant moon phases which can assist you with your practice.

Listed below I have created various pages explaining the different moons and what magick you can practice in the associated links:

Super New Moon: 3rd January 2022 –  Super Moon Magick

Lunar Eclipse: 16th May 2022 –  Lunar Eclipse Magick

Black Moon: 30th May 2022 – Black Moon Magick

Super Full Moon: 14th June 2022 –  Super Moon Magick

Micro New Moon: 29th June 2022 – Micro Moon Magick

Super Full Moon: 14th July 2022-  Super Moon Magick

Total Lunar Eclipse: 8th November 2022-  Lunar Eclipse Magick

Super New Moon: 23rd December 2022 – Super Moon Magick

(C) T. Georgitsis 2022


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