Solar Eclipse Magick: 25th October 2022


What, When and Why of the Solar Eclipse

We have a solar eclipse coming up on the 25th of October 2022. A solar eclipse always comes two weeks before a lunar eclipse which occurs on the 8th of November 2022.

A solar eclipse is when a moon is placed between the earth and sun which casts a shadow over the earth.  This only occurs during the new moon phase. This solar eclipse is a partial solar eclipse which means the moon doesn’t fully block out the sun, therefore only a portion of the sun is obscured and the moon looks like it’s taking a “bite” out of the sun.

This solar eclipse will be partially visible in Australia, New Zealand, SE Asia, East Indies, Middle East, Northern Africa and Europe. For Melbourne, Australia the eclipse begins at 7.58pm, is at its maximum at 10.00pm and ends at around 12.02am.

Please Note: A partial solar eclipse should ONLY be viewed  through solar filters like a pair of solar eclipse glasses for safety reasons, as you don’t want to damage your eyes.

To see if you can view the lunar eclipse from your area, go here for more information:

Solar Eclipse Guide October 25th 2022


Magick of the Solar Eclipse

Solar eclipse magick is when the energy is amplified due to the moon energies intermingling with the sun energies.  The sun and the moon are in the same star sign and the energies co-mingling this way, emphasises the energies of that particular sign.  This solar eclipse is in Scorpio* therefore the energies heightened during this time is the Scorpio star sign.

The kind of magick you can perform during the solar eclipse:

  • Liminal – magick worked between the darkness and the light.
  • Transition – use the sun and moon moving through this time to highlight or work with important transitions in your life.
  • Change – harness this quick moving energy to bring about purposeful change in your life.
  • Rebirth – moving from one cycle to the other in the form of a death of the old and and bringing in and welcoming of the new.
  • Breaking – down barriers before you which have caused blockages in your life can now be removed.
  • Movement – cleanse the stagnant decayed and no longer necessary and embrace the fresh new and potential within problem areas of your life.
  • Rituals/Spells – in dedication to Gods who embrace this time and can assist you in manifesting the energies of the liminal, transitional, rebirth, movement, breaking away and change such as Hekate.


Sorcery of the Solar Eclipse

Scorpio moon is a good time to cleanse and reset so I would suggest focusing on releasing what no longer aids you to be able to focus on a fresh start. Work out what you need to let go of to be able to fully embrace a new beginning. This can be anything from unhealthy relationships, situations we find ourselves in, to habits we need to move away from.  It’s time to remove these things to make room for that which benefits us.

Since scorpio is a water sign it’s a great time to work with this element.  The perfect water magic for this sign is the ebb and flow ability of water which is found by the sea, stream or river. As it is a moving body of water – its waters are transformative.  I have created and used the following ebb and flow water magick in practical workshops dedicated to Hekate.  I would suggest this be performed liminally on the shore of a beach/bank of a river.

Ebb and Flow Water Magick

Stand on the shore of a beach or bank of a stream/river and place the container which you will be using to collect the living water on your right. Pick up a handful of sand or a stone from the shore/bank and place it on your left.

Evoke a Deity which resonates with this time of sorcery and leave an appropriate offering (I would suggest Hekate Einalia if you are working on a beach and using sea water).

Look out before you to into the ocean/stream/river and repeat the following blessing:

“I come to you during this time of transformation

To take of your waters for self consecration

Like the powerful energies of your ebb and flow

I ask you to remove obstacles to allow me to flourish and grow.”

Pick up the sand/stone with your left hand and pick up the container with your right hand and walk down to the water’s edge. Focus on your left hand with the sand/stone and think upon what you want to let go of in your life and then throw it in the water.  Now focus on your right hand with the container and think upon what you want to bring into your life and collect some water in it .  Take the water home and either place it into a bath you have run, ensuring you submerge you head or pour it over your head in the shower to receive the blessings of renewal.

*Scorpio is water sign which is ruled by Mars. It is a sign which can appear intense and introspective yet emanates authenticity, loyalty, intelligence, creativity and passion whilst embracing fearlessness and boldness.

In her name


(C) T. Georgitsis 2022


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