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I did a thing I have been wanting to do for years but too apprehensive. I finally had the courage to submit to ArtzBlitz Creative Writing 2021! The theme was “Future” and we had 24 hours once we were told of the theme to submit. My entry “This Future of Mine” is listed last – T. Georgitsis (due to it being in alphabetical order via first name) in the Creative Writing 18+ Section and can be read here:


If you would like to support me and vote for my writing you can do so using the link below which will be appreciated:


I was inspired to enter when it came up synchronicity wise whilst I was studying Hekate through a structured class I am currently undertaking (which I felt compelled to join after watching the teacher speak in which I was deeply moved). I like being open to learn more about Hekate in any way I can – one way being through other people’s perception and knowledge of Her (and why I like to read so much on Hekate and other people’s practices devoted to her). The poem was written between study sessions of the course I am doing on Hekate and submitted. I like how this class is making me take a step back and view things in a different perspective. It’s allowed me to reassess and explore my devotion to Hekate whilst also opening myself up to new experiences.



FOI and my role…

As a Priestess Heirophant within the Fellowship of Isis and my work, a few months back I had the pleasure of being voted in as a member of the Archpriesthood Union:

(C) T Georgitsis 2007

Also as an aside, my Lyceum which teaches the College of Isis curriculum is once again taking on new students. Fore more info see my Lyceum page on FB:

Hekatecentric Events From The Past

I have hosted a few Hekate-centric free public gatherings/events over the last few years other than Hekate: Her Sacred Fires which I have been running since its inception.

Here are a few I’d like to share with you:

Feast of Hekate, Dandenong Mountains
(BBQ, Picnic and impromptu ritual)

Feast of Hekate August 2011 - public rite


Magick of the Sea – Sandringham
(Picnic and workshop on various forms of oceanic magick)

Sanctuary of Hekate's Crossroads - Magick of the Sea Workshop February 2013 - public rite

Hekatesia Ritual, Sandringham
(Hellenic Hekate Ritual and Pub Moot)

Sanctuary of Hekate's Crossroads - Hellenic Ritual November 2013 - public rite

Hekate Her Sacred Fires: My Event Altars from 2010 – 2013

Having contributed to Hekate: Her Sacred Fires book (article: Illuminating the Path –  I took part in the first Hekate: Her Sacred Fires ritual in 2010 ( and have been hosting public events here in Melbourne, Australia ever since.

I am one of the founding members of the Covenant of Hekate which was born from the Hekate: Her Sacred Rites ritual, and I was also one of the first torchbearers who in turn opened  an official sanctuary through the covenant called The Sanctuary of Hekate’s Crossroads (

Here are the shrines I have worked with for Hekate: Her Sacred Fires with respects to the event as Hekate’s priestess over the years:

2010 – 1st/First Hekate: Her Sacred Fires Ritual (Private Event: SE Melbourne, Australia)


2011 – 2nd/Second Hekate: Her Sacred Fires Ritual (Public Event: Kilmore, Victoria (Australia)

Hekate Her Sacred Fires 2011

2012 – 3rd/Third Hekate: Her Sacred Fires Ritual (Public Event: Sandringham, Victoria (Australia)

Sanctuary of Hekate's Crossroads - Hekate Her Sacred Fires Public Ritual May 2012

2013 – 4th/Fourth Hekate: Her Sacred Fires Ritual (Public Event: Sandringham, Victoria (Australia)

Sanctuary of Hekate's Crossroads - Hekate Her Sacred Fires Public Ritual May 2013


Sekhmet Sekhem Workshop on 9th February 2014


(Sekhmet Shrine (C) image copyright T. Georgitsis 2014)

On Sunday 8th February 2014 I taught a Sekhmet Sekhem workshop in Sacred Mist in Malvern (Victoria, Australia) as Sekhmet’s Priestess and as a Master Sekhem Practitioner.

It was a hot windy day as I set off in the early morning to set up and prep for the vibrational modality I was going to teach with the guidance of Sekhmet.  

The owner Lesley had done an AMAZING job setting up and the workshop space was beautiful and perfect for my needs:


I got there half an hour early and set up a Sekhmet shrine, the odds and ends table which the students would need throughout the day ( which included stationary and their manuals), as well as some morning tea/afternoon tea in the kitchenette behind the partition.


I had specific Ancient Egyptian themed music playing throughout the day and burned my own Sekhmet incense blend to clear and prepare the space.

Throughout the workshop I also used other complimentary vibrational tools…I placed my Sekhmet statue in a crystal grid with some gem stones sacred to her which were given out to the students at the end of the workshop, I had the students use pomanders to clean their auras before the commencement of the workshop , I also used sacred waters to purify my students and the space as well as natron which was offered, kyphi was burned throughout the day as was a specific candle I had made,  I anointed my students with specific oil blends, I had offered various heka amulets which I had pre- made under purity conditions and then handed out to students as a way to record their personal symbols received during the initiation.

The workshop itself consisted of various prayers, ritual gestures, meditations, initiations and information presented in discussion, notes and interaction with one another.  Overall the energy of the workshop was quite healing and centered.  Everyone in attendance was very respectful and was there to learn and I am truly blessed to have been able to initiate and share the current of Sekhmet Sekhem with everyone!