Tarot With Tina


I taught myself to read the tarot when I was 15 and had purchased my first tarot deck (The Mythic Tarot).  I was looking for a book to buy in the book shop I was perusing and whilst looking in the new age section the set literally fell on my head.  Intrigued due to having been taught to read playing cards and also Greek coffee cups (and the fact it cost the exact amount of money I had on me), I purchased the tarot cards which came with a detailed book and tarot spread cloth.  

When I got home I devoured the book and held each card before me whilst I stared intently at the details.  I would go on and re-read up on the meanings of each tarot card and write down a page of described detailed notes which I then condensed to a few paragraphs – then to a few lines – to one line – to a few words and lastly to one word. I would also practice – paingstainkinly practice, on others where I would ask them to pull 10 tarot cards out randomly or by choice after shuffling.  I would then place the cards in a Celtic cross spread and I would tell the person before me what I saw yet I would also go on to write out detailed readings of the cards and also give the person this when completed. This was a long winded way of teaching myself how to read the tarot but truth be told it enabled me to learn the cards from the book descriptions in a very thorough way.  Of course this way of reading felt cold (as well as extremely time consuming) so I simply started reading using my instincts along with the memory of the cards I had developed. The muscle memory knowledge of the study of what the tarot cards meant was there as a foundation, however when I started reading from a completely instinctual point of view – guess which readings where more accurate?  My instinctual ones which were always extremely predictive.

I also started keeping a Book of Shadows type journal with tarot information consisting of spreads and various connections such as astrology and crystals.  A few years later I discovered “Living the Tarot” by Amber Jayanti and I would sit with each card for up to a week by completing the exercises Amber had.  These included answering questions on each tarot card, adorning myself with an item which signified that particular card, meditating on each card and sleeping with it under my pillow (before hand I had asked for dreams of significance) and would colour a black and white stencil version of The Rider Waite Jayanti had placed in the book in any colours I wished. This book’s lessons were quite significant until I further expanded my knowledge by reading “78 Degrees of Wisdom” by Rachel Pollack and realised the complex connections of the tarot within the system which opened my mind even moreso.


I had my first set of “lessons” – 1 night a week for 4 weeks from a reader named Sharon Davies in my first Wiccan coven when I was 21. Only three of us turned up so the lessons were very individualised and personal. What I realised in these classes is that I knew the cards well and it gave me confidence to branch out and read for people who weren’t family or friends.

My second set of lessons was one night a week for several months from a coven member called Triche Roche who is an amazing and still working tarot reader locally. This was done in a group setting with several other coven members on a large round table (similar to a card playing table) and I was taught things like how to activate and cleanse the cards, how to set an intention and opening prayer before I started reading as well as a different perspective on the cards meanings and various tarot reading spreads.

My third and last set of lessons was through a mentor called Ariel Smith through the American Tarot Association around the same time. I worked up to the level of Tarot Councillor over few years of study when I had to cease due to the association ceasing individual mentoring to overseas students.


When I became a Tarot Councillor I had built up enough practice and experience as well as confidence to get my first job as a professional tarot reader in a now defunct new age shop called “Living Energies” in my mid 20’s where I created a solid reputation over several years of working there and this continued to other new age stores I worked in from “Crystal World” to “Qi Crystals” where I was booked out for months in advance.  I then decided to leave working as a professional reader in retail stores to transition to private consultations.

Over time it came naturally that I developed my own methods of cleansing the tarot cards, my own divination spreads as well as my own magick rituals and spells using the valuable tool of the tarot. I have also completed various other courses over the years to compliment my tarot reading including crystal and pendulum therapies, palmistry, astrology, numerology, aromatherapy, energy and aura reading just to name a few. 

Teaching tarot on and off for the last few decades in 1:1, group and in lecture and presentation form has also allowed me to grow as a mentor for others who are drawn to the tarot.  Also having attended various tarot conferences and gatherings over the years, being featured in magazines and radio, I also try to keep expanding my knowledge through continuous study and keeping abreast of what is going on in the ever continuous ever evolving world of the tarot.  

I currently offer zoom tarot readings for $100AU for 60min readings most evenings and weekends. These readings include detailed tarot readings which include bonus complimentary numerology and astrology information. For more information and to book in your time please contact me at tarotwithtina@yahoo.com.au

(C) T. Georgitsis 2020

Soap for Hekate

Hekate’s Pandemic Soap



Lemon & Lemon Myrtle: clarifies, increases awareness, cleanses through purification and longevity and is anti-stress.

Eucalyptus & Blue Eucalyptus: stimulates, reinvigorates, heals, balances, protects and relieves mental and emotional stress.


I wanted to make an Australiana style cleansing soap I could use, since we are in Stage 3 lockdown here in Victoria and I wanted to wash my hands with something magical with a shout out to the land I live on.  I have always had a bottle of Australian Eucalyptus on hand but a mere few weeks before the pandemic really hit us, I was researching Australian natives and ended up buying a few bottles of different oils to experiment with.  This in hindsight was a boon, as these essential oils are perfect during this time.

The green soap pictured is Lemon (Citrus Limonium) and Eucalyptus (Eucalyptus Radiate).   I tried to mix some volcanic mud it it for the colour, however it sunk to the bottom as I placed the oils in before the mud and therefore did not blend right (lesson learned).  So then I added a swirl of all natural green food die so I could tell the two soaps apart.

The blue soap pictured is Lemon Myrtle (Backhousia Citriodora) and Blue Mallee Eucalyptus (Eucalyptus Globulus) and I used all natural blue food die.  I liked the scent of this one the best as its stronger and more appealing.

I then charged them with purpose: to cleanse, protect, bring long life, strength and luck whilst also de-stressing.

This is the quick and easy method of soap making I used which I have blogged about previously if you want to make your own (just add 6-12 drops of each oil to a 1/2 kilo batch of soap):


Melt and Pour Process Method


(C) *T. Georgitsis 2020

Candles for Hekate

Hekate Pandemic Candles – Sage, Pomegranite and various stones (depending on jar). This is the recipe I used:

DIY Candles: How To Make Soy Candles

I added some of my home grown organic sage and the crystals were hand picked from a supplier both which resonated with Hekate.  I used C-Soy from a local candle supplier and non toxic fragrance for the pomegranate and sage along with container maker which stops the soy from frosting in the glass jar.

I then charged them with purpose: to protect, cleanse, bring long life, strength and luck whilst healing.

(C) *T. Georgitsis 2020

Oils for Hekate


Essential oils have been used by the Ancient Greeks for centuries which they have used for fragrant oils, balms for medicine, perfume and spiritual aromatics.  Aromatherapy is the use of oils in inhalation or diffusion of fragrance for the mind spirit and emotion but they can also be used on the skin.

Essential oils can be blended in base oils (carrier oils) to make anointing oils for self and items.  They can be used in soaps and candles or mixed with resins and herbs for burning as incense. Essential oils can be used on clothing, to clean various surfaces or items and can be used to treat various medical conditions.

Frankincense, myrrh and benzoin; sandalwood, spikenard and patchouly were oils specifically used in Ancient Greece. Olive oil is also a much used oil in Ancient Greece for medicinal, culinary and spiritual purposes.

When making essential oil blends for magical, ritual or spiritual use I suggest you research and find those which resonate with you and your workings and devotionals.  I also suggest you use a carrier oil such as olive oil, almond, apricot and jojoba and then add essentials oils. General rule in aromatherapy is to use one drop of essential oil per one teaspoon of carrier oil. I would also suggest you practice with small amount of essential oils mixed with a carrier oil before you make a larger amount.  I suggest you use 1 drop of a base note, 3 drops of a middle note and 1 drop of the top note (see footnote section for further details) to which you then add 20 drops of carrier oil, which ends up being 1 part essential oil: 4 parts carrier oil. More information of essential oils and which are a base, middle and top notes can be found here:

Essential Oils: Base, Middle and Top notes.

I’ve been making oil blends as part of my practice since I was a teen, as for me scent is very magical and can trigger various states of consciousness and instantly change my mood.

One oil blend I use for Hekate ritualistically is my Abramelin Oil:

Abramelin Oil

I also use a Witches Flying Oil I created for Hekate:

Witches Flying Oil

As someone who studied aromatherapy I have quite a selection of essential and cold pressed carrier oils I use in my devotionals but I have created a list of oils which I have found resonate very strongly with Hekate.

Essential Oils for Hekate by *Setjataset


Aloes Wood




Atlas Cedarwood

Balm of Gilead


Bay Laurel


Black Poplar

Black Storax










Clary Sage





Dragon’s Blood



Fir (Douglas aka Spruce)























Orris Root













Star Anise









Please note certain oils can be harmful or toxic if ingested, inhaled or placed on skin.

As always please research and check all the oils you will be handling before working with them to ensure you do so in a safe manner.

Top notes 15 – 25% of the blend.
Middle notes 30 – 40% of the blend.
Base notes 45 – 55% of the blend.

(C) *T. Georgitsis 2020