Chakra Stones

When I was a crystologist I created my own Chakra Stones, taken from much time spent working as a Reiki Master and becoming well versed with crystal healing.  I picked out flat and rounded crystals/stones which resonated with each chakra and could be used safely, effectively and charged them with that purpose.

What are Chakra Stones for?

Chakra stones are used to clean your aura and purify the energies in your subtle bodies.  They can also be used in conjunction with vibrational healing such as Reiki.  The way they are used is by placing them on or near where the chakras are on the physical body.

How to make your own Chakra Stones

Pick one stone for each of the seven major chakras:

Crown – white or purple such as clear quartz and amethyst.

Third Eye – blue or purple such as lapis and charoite.

Throat – blue such as sodalite.

Heart – pink or green such as rose quartz and malachite.

Solar Plexus – yellow such as citrine or calcite.

Navel – orange such as carnelian or amber.

Base – brown or red such as jasper and garnet.

Some like to add extra chakra stones above and below the body – one for above the head (soul star chakra to elevate the energy) such as selenite and one for under the feet (earth star chakra to ground the energy) such as tourmaline.   Also some will add another stone for the “higher heart” chakra (which is located between the throat and the heart chakra) such as watermelon tourmaline to be able to connect the intellectual to the emotional bodies.

My advice is to play around with colors and vibrations of crystals with each chakra and come up with your own set.  This way its personalized and you develop a relationship with the crystals you are using.

Here is a list I created for those interested in Kemetism (Ancient Egypt) which you can use to assist you in selecting the stones you want for your chakra kit:   Ancient Egyptian Stones


This is the end result of my personal pack:



(C) T. Georgitsis 2016

Pagan Blog Project: Q is for Quartz Programming

Image (c) T. Georgitsis 2012

What is Crystal Programming?

All crystals take in the various energies they are surrounded by, but you can also tap into them and give them a job to do.  This is done via crystal programming. In its essence, crystal programming is a way you can charge your crystal with specific intent and purpose as well as it activating the true capabilities of the crystal which can in turn trigger them in you.  Crystals can absorb, hold and release information, visions and feelings and can be programmed for happiness, abundance, success, healing and whatever else you can think of which you want to manifest in your life. The way crystals are programmed is through projecting your thought form into the crystal in a clear and conscious way. The most effective type to use for crystal programming is clear quartz.

Tina’s Crystal Programming Technique (© T. Georgitsis 2014)


  • 1 clear quartz crystal
  • Salt water


  1. Clean crystal of all previous programing (whether it was intentional or not) in salt water or by holding the crystal in the hand which isn’t dominant (ie left hand if you are right handed) and visualise a blue light flowing from your hand and enveloping the crystal (Reiki or Sekhem/Seichim is perfect for this).
  2. Formulate what you want your crystal to be programmed with ensuring it’s a positive though form for it to be of benefit as the crystal will only amplify what potential you store within it.
  3. Enter a place of calm meditative contemplation in a safe space where you wont be disturbed.
  4. Take the crystal and place it in the middle of your hand which isn’t the dominant one and place the other hand over it in a cupping motion touching the crystal with both hands.
  5. Place the intent in the crystal now by visualising what you want it to do ie if you want it to help it heal you, visualise the sickness vanishing away.
  6. Once you feel that your thoughts have successfully flowed through (you can usually feel this as a circuit running through your body and into the crystal) you have successfully programmed your crystal.
  7. Repeat the steps 4-6 several times to ensure your crystal has been programmed securely.

Simple Use for Programmed Crystals

Carry it around with you to trigger the properties you programmed it for by rubbing it or holding it between your palms for some extra energy and inspiration.

(C) T . Georgitsis 2014


Isis Crystals

Earlier in the month a group of us went wholesale crystal shopping at my favourite place – Crystal Universe:!/home

I was so impressed with their new location and as always the staff were so friendly, helpful and knowledgeable.

Having noticed much of the crystal points that my friends and I picked up were Isis crystals I wanted to share the following information which I gathered in my past profession as a crystologist:

Isis Crystals

Isis Crystal is named aptly after the Goddess Isis because it assists in triggering self healing with inner power and strength.  Isis Crystals have a five (5) sided tear drop shape on the dominant side of the crystal face and look like this:


If you look at the design of the crystal the base line symbolizes the physical plane.  The two lines which come from the base line and rise upwards symbolize balance and must always be of equal length.  Lastly the two lines which connect to the two balance lines, join together and form an apex which symbolizes rising from the physical plane into a higher realm of being.

Isis Crystals are mainly used to help access the qualities of the Great Goddess Isis and can therefore amplify the energies of the divine feminine. Like in the story of when Isis searches for the Body of Osiris, it facilitates the focus of inner strength, persistence and perseverance as it helps to move and get on with things for those who have suffered loss in an unjust way.

Isis Crystals can heal things which are misplaced or damaged – body, mind, spirit, emotion and higher self.  They can assimilate the spiritual into the emotional, causing balance and can allow you to separate yourself and step back from the suffering of others.  This crystal can be also used to access and activate self healing and awareness with acceptance.

Men can use this crystal to focus and connect to their feminine side as well as their deep seated emotions. For children it can be used for those sensitive such as the indigos, to balance out their emotions in the mundane world.

The Isis crystal is extremely useful as a transitionary crystal when one is moving from one place to the next, or one world to the next and can be safely used to help people cross the rainbow bridge.

A good method of using this crystal whilst in meditation is to place the crystal with the tear dropped side upon your third eye.  A useful method of using this crystal on others for healing and assistance is to place the crystal with the tear dropped side on their heart or crown chakra.

Although sometimes difficult to find if you come across one it is indeed the Goddess Isis manifesting in your life and you should consider it sacred.

Here is some more information on Isis Crystals if they have slight variations:


*Pyramids or glyphs on crystal face = record keeper of Atlantis.


 *Striations on crystal face and it being cloudy on the outside whilst being clear on the inside = Lumerian seed crystal


*Phantom crystal which appears ghostlike within the body of the crystal = allows the past to be placed into reflective perspective which assists in overcoming blocks and moving forward.


*Occlusion within the crystal = focuses the energy of the crystal and amplifies it.

© T. Georgitsis (first appeared in Mirror of Isis, Volume V, Issue 3, Samhain 2010)