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Chakra Stones

When I was a crystologist I created my own Chakra Stones, taken from much time spent working as a Reiki Master and becoming well versed with crystal healing.  I picked out flat and rounded crystals/stones which resonated with each chakra and could be used safely, effectively and charged them with that purpose.

What are Chakra Stones for?

Chakra stones are used to clean your aura and purify the energies in your subtle bodies.  They can also be used in conjunction with vibrational healing such as Reiki.  The way they are used is by placing them on or near where the chakras are on the physical body.

How to make your own Chakra Stones

Pick one stone for each of the seven major chakras:

Crown – white or purple such as clear quartz and amethyst.

Third Eye – blue or purple such as lapis and charoite.

Throat – blue such as sodalite.

Heart – pink or green such as rose quartz and malachite.

Solar Plexus – yellow such as citrine or calcite.

Navel – orange such as carnelian or amber.

Base – brown or red such as jasper and garnet.

Some like to add extra chakra stones above and below the body – one for above the head (soul star chakra to elevate the energy) such as selenite and one for under the feet (earth star chakra to ground the energy) such as tourmaline.   Also some will add another stone for the “higher heart” chakra (which is located between the throat and the heart chakra) such as watermelon tourmaline to be able to connect the intellectual to the emotional bodies.

My advice is to play around with colors and vibrations of crystals with each chakra and come up with your own set.  This way its personalized and you develop a relationship with the crystals you are using.

Here is a list I created for those interested in Kemetism (Ancient Egypt) which you can use to assist you in selecting the stones you want for your chakra kit:   Ancient Egyptian Stones


This is the end result of my personal pack:



(C) T. Georgitsis 2016

Sacred Mother Blessings Ceremony

(taken from my now defunct LJ)

I love being a Priestess….

Fascilitated B’s Belly Blessing this past weekend which is the first one I’ve ever done.

It was a lovely day and B and her fiance D were very pleased and loved my ritual.

Basic Belly Blessing Altar with items from nature guests brought along which B made into a dreamcatcher.

B Making her dreamcatcher.

Beaded necklace I made for B as part of ritual – I asked all guests to bring a bead in which symbolised B and explain to all assembled what it meant and how they met B

By the end of it the whole party was in tears and it was a very warm and loving circle.

B made this broach for me as a thank you.  She painted/drew the fairy inside which is one of her original designs and set the enamel herself which was one of her first.

baby bottle
I won this as one of the prizes in the baby shower game before the ritual – its a baby bottle filled with chocolate and condoms lols


Pagan Blog Project: Q is for Quartz Programming

Image (c) T. Georgitsis 2012

What is Crystal Programming?

All crystals take in the various energies they are surrounded by, but you can also tap into them and give them a job to do.  This is done via crystal programming. In its essence, crystal programming is a way you can charge your crystal with specific intent and purpose as well as it activating the true capabilities of the crystal which can in turn trigger them in you.  Crystals can absorb, hold and release information, visions and feelings and can be programmed for happiness, abundance, success, healing and whatever else you can think of which you want to manifest in your life. The way crystals are programmed is through projecting your thought form into the crystal in a clear and conscious way. The most effective type to use for crystal programming is clear quartz.

Tina’s Crystal Programming Technique (© T. Georgitsis 2014)


  • 1 clear quartz crystal
  • Salt water


  1. Clean crystal of all previous programing (whether it was intentional or not) in salt water or by holding the crystal in the hand which isn’t dominant (ie left hand if you are right handed) and visualise a blue light flowing from your hand and enveloping the crystal (Reiki or Sekhem/Seichim is perfect for this).
  2. Formulate what you want your crystal to be programmed with ensuring it’s a positive though form for it to be of benefit as the crystal will only amplify what potential you store within it.
  3. Enter a place of calm meditative contemplation in a safe space where you wont be disturbed.
  4. Take the crystal and place it in the middle of your hand which isn’t the dominant one and place the other hand over it in a cupping motion touching the crystal with both hands.
  5. Place the intent in the crystal now by visualising what you want it to do ie if you want it to help it heal you, visualise the sickness vanishing away.
  6. Once you feel that your thoughts have successfully flowed through (you can usually feel this as a circuit running through your body and into the crystal) you have successfully programmed your crystal.
  7. Repeat the steps 4-6 several times to ensure your crystal has been programmed securely.

Simple Use for Programmed Crystals

Carry it around with you to trigger the properties you programmed it for by rubbing it or holding it between your palms for some extra energy and inspiration.

(C) T . Georgitsis 2014


Sanctuary of Hekate’s Crossroads: Samhain 2014

This year for Samhain  I focused on honouring my Akhu.  I also retook some of my spiritual vows to enable me to re-focus my energy  with respects to my relationship with Deity and various magickal traditions I am part of.  I did this for various personal reasons and it was incredibly freeing whilst releasing the stagnant clutter and opening up doors to new possibilities…

10313437_10152885960359762_8788092274958997015_n(c) T. Georgitsis 2014

Sanctuary of Hekate’s Crossroads: Artemis Festival – The Mounukhia

Full Moon April 2014

I had a private ritual in my sanctuary to Hekate where I re-enacted this beautiful rite a friend of mine wrote (I also recommend her blog By Stars Cave and Sea):

I found it so empowering, beneficial and just flowed with beauty and power!


(C) T. Georgitsis 2014


(C) T. Georgitsis 2014

Pagan Blog Project: C is for Crystal Cleansers

Crystals pick up and take on negative energies through emotions, thoughts and physical interaction from their owners, their environment and also from others who handle them. Therefore its prudent that crystals be cleansed periodically to clear these toxic energies and be recharged. 

You can clean your crystals by:

1. Immersing them in salt water for 24 hours under the *sun or moon light or by wiping them with a damp cloth soaked in salt water.

2. Immersing them in a bowl of brown rice for 3 days on an altar or in the NW corner of a room, home or business.

3. Immersing them in a bowl of purified water with fresh flower petals such as marigolds, sage blossoms, sun flowers, iris, honeysuckle, daisies, roses, rosemary blossoms, lemon blossoms, carnations, cherry blossoms and apple blossoms.

3. Smudge using herbs such as lavender, sage, cedar and bay.

4. Crystal programming (aka thought projection).  This is the most difficult and requires focused concentration and experience in meditation and working with crystal energies.

5. Reiki/Sekhem/Seichim which utilities specific symbols channeled through the breath and hands.

6. By burying in the earth (garden, pot plant, sand) for 24 hours.

7. By sound intoning using crystal bowls, chanting, Tibetan singing bowls, sistras, bellydance symbals, bells, tuning forks and singing.

8. By placing them on or within a clear quartz or amethyst quartz: cluster, slab or cave. You can also place a smokey quartz single terminator crystal on top of them.


I like to make my own crystal cleanser which I put into a spray bottle and then spray over my crystal jewelry, caves, slabs, balls, and other shaped crystals due to convenience.  This same cleanser can be added to a bowl or tub of purified water which you can wash your crystals in.


Tina’s Crystal Cleanser (© T. Georgitsis 2001)


1 teaspoons of Rock Salt
250 mils Orange Blossom Water
A pinch of Fresh Rose Petals (omit if you will not or cannot  refrigerate)
3 Drops of Essential Oil of Clove
Small Amethyst Crystal (Pebble Sized)
300 mil Capacity Spray Bottle


  1. Place crystal in bottom of spray bottle.
  2. Crush rock salt into fine powder and pour into spray bottle.
  3. Pour orange blossom water and clove oil into spray bottle and shake vigorously.
  4. Add Rose petals and refrigerate until needed (refrigeration isn’t needed if rose petals are not added).

© All articles, recipes and images T. Georgitsis 2014

*= Do not place amethyst, lavender quartz, rose quartz, smokey quartz, ametrine, beryl, fluorite, danburite, citrine, aquamarine, celestite and kunzite  in direct sunlight as it fades.

** = Do not use on soft porous crystals such as: malachite, selenite, angelite, howlite, aragonite, azurite, dolomite,  as it will deteriorate the crystals.


Ankh: Used as a “Key of Life” to access the infinite realm of wisdom and also used for dowsing, creativity, long life and fertility of body and mind.


Cartouche:  Used as a protection amulet and talisman and used to provide a link between earth and other planes.

(image not available)

Obelisk:  Used to stimulate the marking of time and promote the connection with AE culture.


Pyramid:  Used to amplify energy of the crystal itself and are used to charge and preserve objects.  Natural occurring pyramids amplify and channel the energy through the apex and can be used to manifest things after they are programmed successfully.


Scarab:  Used as a symbol of protection, stamina, endurance and abundance.



© T. Georgitsis 2010 – All images (c) T. Georgitsis 2012 & 2013

Ancient Egyptian Shaped Crystals

Crystals: What Are They And Why Use Them?


One of the first things I placed on my altar when I started officially practicing Wicca was a single terminated quartz crystal.  I came across it in my local occult shop when I was picking up candle and herb supplies as I was instantly drawn to it even though at the time knew nothing about crystals. I found it uniquely beautiful, it seemed to glow and something told me that it needed to be part of my wiccan workings. After years of practicing Wicca I still have this crystal and even with a vast collection of other crystals it has remained my favourite and it is well loved and used.

Crystals are minerals which come from the earth.  The scientific definition of a crystal is a solid substance with a geometric regular shape. The word crystal comes from the Ancient Greek word κρύσταλλος (Crystalos) meaning “ice” which derives from the word κρύος (Creos) which means “icy cold”. This is because the Ancient Greeks thought that crystals were eternally frozen water from the Gods.

The colours of crystals can range from a clear transparent all the way to the purest black.  They come in all different shapes and sizes which can be raw, cut or polished and in recent decades have been manipulated using heat and chemicals.

A large range of crystals have been used for thousands of years by various cultures including those of Ancient Egypt, China, India and America all of which considered them sacred and have ascribed them with sacred meanings and uses.

Crystals can be used to scry, meditate, dowse, heal, balance, energise, cleanse, attract abundance, love or psychic abilities, protect, absorb negative energy, prevent electromagnetic emanations or geopathic stress, encourage interaction by fairies, angles or gods, enhance your intuition or mental abilities and boost confidence.  They can also be used simply for decorative or personal ornamentation.

They can be dedicated to a specific task, energy or deity and can also be used in conjunction with reiki, massage, feng shui, reflexology, magick and ritual. Crystals can work holistically on all levels and can tap into the energies of the body, mind, spirit and emotions.  Another benefit of crystals is that they can not only be used with people, but also with animals, plants, combining different types of crystals or inanimate objects such as a vehicle, home or business.

Crystals can absorb as well as transfer energy and once you get to know a crystal you can work with it. This is through attuning to its energies that then allows the crystal to speak to you and consequently assist you.

Some simple ways to use crystals can be as follows:

  1. Wear the crystal, in the various forms of jewelry;
  2. Carry the crystal in a pouch;
  3. Place the crystal over a specific area of the body such as chakra or body part;
  4. Place crystal under pillow or bed;
  5. Position crystal in a room, car or in the garden; and/or
  6. Place on elemental tools such as an athame, wand, pentacle or chalice to bring in qualities desired.

Many common crystals which were used in ancient times as well as in modern times are Agate, Amazonite, Amethyst, Aquamarine, Aventurine, Bloodstone, Flourite, Calcite, Carnelian, Citrine, Garnet, Hematite, Jade, Jasper, Moonstone, Malachite, Obsidian, Peridot, Rose Quartz, Clear Quartz, Smokey Quartz, Tiger’s Eye, Topaz, Tourmaline and Turquoise.

Since the dawning of Aquarius many new crystals have been identified and these include larimar, petalite, atltantisite, phenacite and it is believed that these crystals have manifested as a way to assist us in the modern day.


Image (C) T. Georgitsis 2011

Some simple ways to find which crystals are right for you are as follows:

  1. Trust that you will be attracted to the one you need;
  2. Stand before a group of crystals, close your eyes and calm you mind. Then open your eyes and the crystal your gaze is first drawn to is the one you need; and/or
  3. Pick up any crystal with your right hand and hold it whilst relaxing your mind. If after a moment you feel it buzz in your hand this is the right crystal for you.  *If you are choosing a crystal for another individual, use your left hand instead and picture the person in your mind’s eye. If you feel a buzz in your hand it is right for that person.

Crystals need to be periodically cleansed to remove build up of negative energy and this can be done in the following ways:

  1. Place in direct sunlight or moonlight (note: some crystals such as amethyst fade in the sunlight);
  2. Water cleansing (note: some crystals such as selenite can deteriorate in water);
  3. Burying in the earth (note: some crystals such as quartz can discolour especially if left for long periods of time);
  4. Fire cleansing using candles or fire pit (note: direct flame contact not suggested but by keeping in close proximity);
  5. Smudging using herbs or incense;
  6. Flower cleansing such as essences or waters;
  7. Rice cleansing by placing in a bowl of rice for a set number of hours;
  8. Essential oil by rubbing them with a essential oil anointed cloth (note: some crystals such as malachite can deteriorate or be tarnished by this cleaning method);
  9. Chanting over the crystal;
  10. Asking Deity, Angels, Fairies, Devas or Nymphs to bless your crystal within a cast circle.

Lastly you must remember since most crystals are taken from within mother earth, they are powerful and must always be handled with respect. If they are not going to be shared or passed on to other individuals for further use, they should be returned to the earth with thanks if you no longer require them and their purpose has been fulfilled.

By T. Georgitsis © 2011 (first appeared in Issue 1, Spirit & Spell 2011) (First image from


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Ancient Egyptian Stones & Crystals


Amethyst was used by the Ancient Egyptians for its ability to bestow spiritual insight.  The Ancient Egyptians also wore jewels made of Amethyst.
Alabaster is a stone made of calcite and was used by the Ancient Egyptians to make small objects such as vases, bowls, and lamps.
Alum (found in powdered form) was used in protective amulets against evil.
Amazonite was obtained by the Ancient Egyptians from numerous possible sources in the Eastern desert of Egypt.  It was used by the Ancient Egyptians to a limited degree for beads, inlay, and small items.
Amber (Baltic amber) was used in Ancient Egypt for amulets and jewellery. Amber amulets were worn to provide fertility.  Ancient Egyptians actually used pine resin as an embalming agent of which amber comes from.
Aquamarine was the sea-goddesses of Ancient Egypt’s stone. Aquamarine is a protective amulet and can be worn to relieve pain and ensure good health. Beads of aquamarine were found in Ancient Egyptian mummy pits.
Azurite was used by the priests and priestesses of Ancient Egypt to enhance their spiritual consciousness.
Basalt was used by the Ancient Egyptians for stone coffins and sometimes for statues and small objects.
Bloodstone was used in Ancient Egypt to open doors and break bonds (mental/spiritual kind). Its most famous use is to halt bleeding and it was always carried by soldiers.   It was also worn to cure fevers and as a general health giving talisman.  The Ancient Egyptians called this stone hematite; although what we call hematite today is a different stone entirely.
Blue Lace Agate was highly regarded as a stone of protection and good luck. Country of origin is Egypt.
Breccia has fragments of one type of stone embedded in another. Two types of breccia were available to the Ancient Egyptians – a green variety found in the eastern desert, and a red-and-white variety found in the western desert and along the Nile. Breccia was used by the Ancient Egyptians for vases and other objects.
Carnelian was used by the Ancient Egyptians to make amulets and it was one of the stones that the high priest wore in his breastplate. It was revered by ancient shamans as being sacred and a protector. Carnelian was the stone of good luck and was shaped into shields, amulets, and hearts.   It was also carved into insignia seals because it didn’t stick to wax.  Ancient Egyptian tombs are full of examples of carnelian jewels, because of their belief in the stone’s power in the afterlife. According to the Ancient Egyptians amulets of carnelian could prove helpful in ensuring the Ka’s (the soul’s) passage into the next world.
Chalcedony was used by the Ancient Egyptians around 3000 B.C. Chrysoprase was the beautiful, apple green form of chalcedony which the Ancient Egyptians used. It was said to improve perception, both physical as well as mental and it improves eyesight and enhances psychic perception as well. Ancient Egyptians set it with Lapis.
Coral was the stone of Isis and it was used in Ancient Egypt for its healing properties, to regulate menstruation and for agriculture purposes.  In Ancient Egypt powdered coral was mixed with seed and sown or scattered over newly planted fields.  This protected the growing crops from inclement weather and insects.  Coral was also hung on fruit trees to increase their yield. It was extensively used in Ancient Egypt (sculpting of scarabs) and in jewellery.
Diorite was a stone used by the Ancient Egyptians for statues, bowls, and other fine objects.
Eilat Stone is a combination of Chrysocolla, Turquoise and Copper and it is found in Eilat, Egypt.  A stone used today (as no information suggest the AE used it) to help attain growth and wisdom.
Emerald (beryl) is the stone of Isis and was mined by the Ancient Egyptians. Emeralds have always been highly prized by royalty and Cleopatra, Queen of Egypt wore emeralds from her mine in Upper Egypt. The Ancient Egyptians believed it stood for fertility and rebirth. It was also used as a protection from enchantment and to cure eye diseases.
Fluorite was used by the Ancient Egyptians in statues and in carving scarabs. Ancient physicians used powdered fluorite in water to relieve kidney disease.
Garnet can be traced to the Nile Delta in 3100 B.C. Ancient Egyptian artisans created beautiful garnet beads, bracelets and other jewellery. In Ancient Egypt garnets were used widely as an abrasive.
Granite was used by the Ancient Egyptians for buildings, tombs, and statues.
Hematite was used by the Ancient Egyptians in the creation of their magical amulets such as the carpenter square, headrest amulets and several heart amulets. It was used as an inscription stone for passages from the Book of the Dead. The Ancient Egyptians used it to treat hysteria, to reduce inflammation, and to place in tombs. The hematite that the Ancient Egyptians used was of the crystalline type being black, opaque, and having a metallic lustre. They also used hematite for beads, amulets, kohl sticks and other small ornamental objects.
Jade is the stone of Ma’at and was a mineral found in Ancient Egyptian jewellery and the walls of their tombs and pyramids.  It was probably sourced from Asia with whom they were trading with at the time.
Jasper was one of the stones used in the breastplate of the high priest.  It was revered and considered a sacred, protective stone which facilitated safe astral travel. It was used in Ancient Egypt to make scarab amulets from red jasper as it was considered a symbol of eternal life.  Jasper, with light and dark brown markings was referred to as “Egyptian Marble”.    Green jasper had been engraved with the image of a dragon surrounded by rays was worn by the Ancient Egyptian King Nechepsus to strengthen his digestive tract.
Lapis Lazuli was called “sapphire” by Ancient Egyptians because it was considered to be the most precious stone. Because of its deep blue colour, lapis was a symbol of the heavens and was widely used as a magical stone for worshipping purposes. The Ancient Egyptians used it to open the door between conscious self and higher self, creating harmony between mind, body and spirit, to reveal one’s inner truth, deepen intuition, psychic awareness and as a tool for dreams and “illumination”. They pulverized lapis and made it into a poultice, which was then rubbed into the crown of the head to draw out spiritual impurities. It’s the stone of Isis and her child Horus since it’s associated with motherhood.  Ancient Egyptians called the stone “chesbet” commonly fashioning scarabs from it. Lapis was also considered to be a royal stone and the Chief Justice of Ancient Egypt wore a lapis amulet carved with the Goddess Ma’at (Goddess of Truth) as it was thought to give wisdom and fairness to its wearer and increase spiritual love.  They also believed lapis to be sacred and burned it with their dead to protect and guide them in the afterlife.
Limestone was the first stone used for building in Ancient Egypt.  It was taken from the rocky cliffs where some of the earliest tombs were carved into the stone.
Malachite was used to make green paint in Ancient Egyptian artwork.  Green represented life and growing things.  It was also a stone dedicated to Hathor as it was believed that malachite was a stone for womanhood as it enhanced seduction, sensuality, aesthetics and the arts. The pharaohs often had their headdresses lined with malachite to help them rule wisely.
Moonstone is the stone of Isis and provides contact with the Ancient Egyptian builders.  It can be used to initiate insight into the ancient methods and associated wisdom of that time.
Orthoclase is a stone which provides contact with the Ancient Egyptian builders and can be used to initiate into the ancient methods and associated wisdom.
Pearl is the stone of Isis. Pearl, like amber, jet, and mother of pearl, is the product of a living creature. Since the oyster must be killed to obtain the pearl, the use of pearls may carry a heavy debt. The Romans imported pearls from Egypt were they were worn to grant favours from Isis. The Ancient Egyptians believed they were connected with the moon, so they could only be worn at night for magic.
Peridot was used in Ancient Egypt for healing and as jewels. It was considered the “gem of the sun”. Peridot was used to keep away evil spiritus and to develop its full strength as a talisman it had to be set in gold. Ancient Egyptian miners searched for Peridot crystals at night where they would mark the spot, then come back in the daylight to dig them up.  Peridot was greatly prized by Ancient Egyptian Kings and some of Cleopatra’s emeralds were in fact Peridot.
Quartz was used by the Ancient Egyptians for diagnostic healing, raising consciousness towards enlightened states, communications with spirits and those from other words.  It was also used it for digestive disorders.
Quartzite was used by the Ancient Egyptians for buildings, tombs, and monuments. The Ancient Egyptians called it ‘wonderful.’ Statues of kings were often carved of quartzite. It came in many colours and white, yellow, and red were symbols of the Sun.
Roselite is used as a window access to the traditions of Ancient Egypt and can help translate the hieroglyphs.
Serpentine was common in Egypt’s eastern desert and the Ancient Egyptians used it for small objects, magical stone posts, and amulets to ward off snakes and scorpions.
Serpentine was common in Egypt’s eastern desert. Ancient Egyptians used serpentine for small objects, magical stone posts, and amulets to ward off snakes and scorpions.
Tigers Eye was found in Ancient Egyptian tombs and these stones were shaped into shields, amulets, and hearts. The Ancient Egyptians used tiger’s eye stone for amulets to transmit the power of Ra, the sun god, for it is said Tiger’s Eye contained the power of the sun and of the earth.
Topaz is a projective stone and is the stone of the Ancient Egyptian sun god Ra. The colour of yellow topaz symbolized Ra, the god of the sun to the Ancient Egyptians. Topaz has been worn as an amulet to protect against evils, to strengthen intellect, and prevent bad dreams. It was also said if you wore topaz you would be invisible, beautiful, intelligent, and have a long life. All of these powers could come and go with the changes of the moon. It was believed that topaz worn as an amulet (mounted in gold and hung around the neck) could drive away sadness, strengthen the intellect and bestow courage. Topaz was believed in wine was used as a cure for asthma, insomnia, burns and haemorrhages. It was also claimed to calm angry tempers and prevent bad dreams.
Tsavorite (Green Garnet) is used to contact Egyptian Gods who represent learning, prudence, wisdom and magic.
Turquoise was the stone of Hathor and was worn as a powerful talisman against evil spells, and to promote good health, happiness and friendship. Turquoise stones were shaped into shields, amulets and hearts. The Ancient Egyptians considered it a symbol of prosperity.  Ancient doctors exploited the stone’s medicinal potential by making it into a paste to treat ailments of the hip. They also mounted turquoise in silver to treat eyes suffering from cataracts.  It was an important ornamental mineral for jewellery and bracelets worn by the Ancient Egyptians as it graced the necks of Egyptian Pharaohs.  It has been found in tombs and the Ancient Egyptian miners had to go deep into the Arabian Desert to find turquoise.
© T. Georgitsis 2003 


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